Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You'll find your answer here, if your question is not here contact us.

1. How do I sign up?
To sign up on Onstipe, you can start with a free trial account. We require a valid email id and password for registration. We don't need any sensitive information of yours before upgrading your plan.
2. Do you have any contracts?
We don't believe in contracts. We provide monthly subscription plans and day basis event plans. You can cancel your plan anytime without paying an extra cost.
3. Is a credit card or any other card required for a free trial?
No, you don't need to submit any credit card or payment-related information until you've made sure that Onstipe is the right platform for your business.
4. Can I switch my plan anytime?
Yes, you can upgrade and downgrade your plans anytime.
5. Are these subscription plans auto-recurring?
Yes, subscription plans are auto-recurring except event plans. You will be charged monthly. Remember event plans are not recurring, it will be charged according to days with a one-time payment option.
6. Is there any discount for education institutes or non-profits?
Yes, we have additional discounts for nonprofits and educational institutes on all our plans including event plans. For more information, please contact us via our contact form or write us an email at support[at]onstipe[dot]com.
7. Is there a yearly subscription available and do you have any discount for that?
No, we don't have any yearly subscription plan now. So we don't offer discounts on yearly plans.
8. What are Updates and every plan has different Updates?
Yes, each plan has different Updates. Basically, Updates show how much time your next new posts will take to come on your social wall. For more information, please contact us via our contact form.
9. I want to cancel my paid subscription?
You can cancel your plan anytime. Login to your account and go to your account page, cancel the subscription easily or you can email us to cancel your plan. Cancel your plan before the billing cycle to avoid any recurring.
10. What is a Stipe?
Stipe is basically a social wall. Each Stipe has a separate URL. You can add multiple Sources in a Stipe.
11. What is a source?
A source is a stream of social media channels that you can add to your Stipe. You can choose Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, RSS as a source to get hashtags and handle posts.
12. Why are Instagram posts showing "Instagram User" instead of the real name and profile image?
It is not in our control. Due to Instagram API changes, we can only gather posts not user information through a hashtag. All posts come anonymously so we use "Instagram User" instead of a real username and profile picture. For more information, please contact us via our contact form.
13. Can you collect posts from a private account?
No, we can't collect posts from a private or protected account. We collect only publicly available posts from social media channels.
14. Do you offer a customized layout design?
Yes, We have a custom plan option for this. We can design a layout according to you. Please prefer our custom plan option for this.
15. What kind of support is available for me?
We are available 24x7. We offer you support over chat and emails.
16. What payment methods do you accept?
PayPal is a trusted payment gateway. We only support PayPal for any payment. Simply, choose a plan, and follow the process. If you face any issue during payment, please contact us at support[at]onstipe[dot]com.
17. Is it a good idea to buy an event plan on the same day of the event?
No, it is really not a good idea. However, you can buy an event plan anytime but we strongly recommend you to buy an event plan a few days before the event. To set up, design, and check the compatibility of your social wall with the display device before the event.
18. Can I purchase an event plan in advance or there any additional fees required?
You can purchase your event plan anytime between 2-30 days before the event. We also recommend you purchase an event plan in advance and there are no additional charges required. We only charge for the dates that you will select before making the purchase.
19. Can I purchase an event plan between a subscription plan?
Yes, you can switch your monthly subscription plan with "Event Plan" anytime on a temporary basis. After your event, your plan will automatically switch to your previous subscription.
20. What type of support will you provide me for pre-event and during the event?
Our team will give you support on a priority basis. After purchasing an event plan, before the event, we will revert to you within 1 hour after you have sent your request for help. And during the event, we will give you real-time support.
21. Can I switch my event plan with other plans after the event?
Yes, you can switch your expired event plan with other plans easily. Simply choose the best suitable plan for you and upgrade it.
22. I purchased an event plan in advance but my posts are not coming instantly from social media?
Don't worry about it. If you purchase an event plan in advance then till the actual event date your event plan goes into the event setup window. In this Event Setup Window, you will receive new posts after every 2 hours instead of actual updates of the plan. Your plan will be changed automatically to the actual Event Plan on your selected event start date and time, where you will get new posts according to the mentioned update time in the plan.
23. How do I filter or exclude bad posts from my Social Wall?
Our all plans (subscription and event) have a powerful moderation panel that allows you to moderate your content with one click in real-time. So now it's completely under your control to manage your content according to you. You can remove and exclude the bad posts easily.
24. Can I use my Onstipe Social Wall on my website?
Yes, you can embed your Onstipe social wall on any website. We have a variety of responsive themes/layouts for websites. With a simple embedded code, you can use your social wall on a website.
25. Can I display my Onstipe Social Wall on any digital screen?
Yes, you can display your Onstipe social wall on any digital screen such as TV, Big Screen, LED, LCD, Projectors, Jumbotrons, Billboard, Digital Signage, Kiosk, and so on. We also have many customizable display themes for you.
26. How can I display posts without truncating/trimming text without "..."?
Turn Off your "Trim Text" option. Follow these steps:
Open Stipe >> Click Layout Design >> Click Edit Layout Style >> Turn off Trim Text.
27. Can I set new posts to appear at the top of the stipe?
You don't need to do anything to show your new posts on top. By default (until you enable the shuffle post option), new posts will appear on top.
28. Where can I find posts that were rejected due to profanity?
If a post is excluded through the profanity filter then you can find them in the Private tab under Moderation.
29. If I want to remove a post from the Stipe display but don't want to delete it from my moderation view, do I simply make it "private"?
Yes, make those posts private that you don't want to show on the Stipe display. Private posts will not display on your Stipe. You can make them public anytime according to your need.