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Social Wedding Wall is a fantastic way to capture all the best moments and memories from your wedding day. It's a fun and interactive way to engage your guests and create a memorable experience that they will always remember

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Social Wall for Wedding Events

What is Wedding Wall?

The Social Wedding Wall can be customized to fit your wedding theme and style. You can choose different designs, colors, and fonts to create a beautiful and personalized display. You can also add your own text, images, and graphics to make the Social Wedding Wall even more unique.

We Support Multiple Social Platforms

We support multiple social media networks. Pick suitable social media channels and start creating the best social wall for your wedding.

  • instagram feedInstagram
  • linkedin feedLinkedin
  • youtube feedYoutube
  • vimeo feedVimeo
  • rss feedRSS
  • flickr feedFlickr
  • tumblr feedTumblr

What is a Wedding Hashtag Wall?

A wedding wall or wedding hashtag wall helps you to collect all social media photos, videos, and posts using the wedding hashtag and display them on a digital screen during the wedding. Through a social wedding wall, you can build memories and capture wedding moments from every angle. It entertains your guests with a live social media posts stream and allows everyone to be a part of your wedding.

Top Benefits of Using Social Media Wedding Wall

A social media wedding wall offers several benefits for couples and their guests:

Enhanced guest engagement

By using a social media wedding wall, guests can actively participate in the event by taking photos and uploading them to social media platforms using a designated wedding hashtag. This creates a fun and interactive experience, allowing guests to feel more involved in the festivities.

Inclusion of absent guests

Those who couldn't attend the wedding can still be a part of the celebration through the social media wedding wall. By sharing the link to the wall, non-guests can view the photos and videos in real time, making them feel included and connected to the event. It helps to bridge the distance and let everyone enjoy the memories of the wedding.

Decorative element

A social media wedding wall can also serve as a unique and eye-catching decoration. Using several flat-screen displays, couples can showcase the live feed of social media content, adding an interactive and dynamic element to the wedding decor.

Memorable experience

Incorporating a social media wedding wall brings a modern and engaging element to the big day. It allows guests to see their own posts and those of others, creating a sense of community and connection. The wall becomes a focal point of the event, leaving a lasting impression on both the couple and their guests.

How Does Wedding Hashtag Wall Work?

Collect Hashtag Feeds

Add your wedding hashtag as a source on Onstipe and collect photos or videos from Twitter and Instagram.

Design Hashtag Wall

Pick a suitable theme for wedding hashtag feeds or customize the complete design of a wedding hashtag wall.

Display Wedding Wall

Simply, display your wedding hashtag feed on any size of the digital screen such as a projector or TV through the Wedding wall.

Steps to Use a Social Hashtag Wall for Your Wedding Day

Create a Wedding Hashtag

Generate an eye-catching hashtag for Wedding. Keep your hashtag short, unique, and relevant to your wedding.

Promote Wedding Hashtag

Share your wedding hashtag with your colleagues, friends, and families through invitation cards or messages and tell them to use it on social media.

Use a Wedding Hashtag Aggregator

Add your wedding hashtag to Onstipe (Wedding Hashtag Aggregator) and create a wedding hashtag wall to collect posts.

Launch Wedding Hashtag Wall at Wedding

Set up your wedding social wall and display it on a digital screen, Tv screen, or projector during your Wedding.

Place Wedding Hashtag at Wedding Area

Place your wedding hashtag at your wedding area as a decoration part so guests can notice it and use it to become a part of the wedding.

Capture wedding moments from every angle

Encourage your guests to use and share wedding pictures with wedding hashtag on social media. Start covering your wedding on social media like a Celebrity.

Create A Beautiful Social Media Wall for Wedding

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Add Dedicated Platforms for Instagram and Twitter

If you are looking for individual solutions for Twitter and Instagram then try our Instagram wall and Twitter Wall Platforms

Instagram Wall for Wedding
Twitter Wall for Wedding

Social Media Wall for Virtual Wedding Events

Looking for a social wall solution for a virtual wedding? Then don't worry, we are here to make your wedding more memorable and engaging.

Virtual Wedding Events

Make your virtual wedding moments more memorable and beautiful by integrating a live Wedding wall with the Virtual Events Platform. Onstipe social wall supports all the virtual event platforms easily. Now your guests can become a part of the wedding from their home. They can share their wishes, blessings, and experiences in real-time during virtual events.

Everything You Need For A Best Social Wedding Wall

Onstipe is a one-stop solution for social media aggregation. From collecting content to display stunning feeds on screens, we've covered everything.

Stylish Layouts

Stylish Layouts

Stylish theme layouts give a rich and elegant look to social media feeds. Onstipe wedding hashtag aggregator offers you amazing themes for your wedding wall.

Design Customization

Design Customization

Add more attraction to your wedding hashtag wall with our design customization feature. Edit theme layout, colors, tile style, font style, and many more.

Real-time Moderation

Real-time Moderation

Avoid spoilers, remove offensive content from your live social wedding wall. Exclude or filter any unwanted posts in real-time through powerful moderation.

Add Custom Content

Add Custom Content

Add custom content like images, text, videos, or anything on your live social wedding wall. The custom post feature enables you to add message manually.

Advanced Profanity Filter

Advanced Profanity Filter

Profanity filter enables you to set a predefined list of spam words. Posts will be discarded automatically if any spam word found on them.

Interactive Header, Ticker

Interactive Header, Ticker

Exhibit your wedding hashtag through an interactive header and ticker so guests can notice and use it easily. Headers make the wedding wall more iconic.

Our Success Stories

Trust is everything. Our customers love what we do.

autorSofia Van Marketing Head
"The ease of use of the Onstipe interface and robust moderation helped us to manage our social media content so easily!. Thanks to their dedicated support team for providing personalized assistance to us."
autorEva Anderson Online Communication Director
"Onstipe offers a set of powerful features that every company wants to look at in a social wall and if you get stuck, their support team will help you. I'm using Onstipe to manage the entire aggregation process. In 10 minutes I have created an amazing social wall for our hashtag campaign."
autorJack Lewis Engagement Coordinator
"We've been using Onstipe for a long time, and I have to say that it has transformed the way we increase audience engagement during events. We are happy to use Onstipe for events."
autorArlo Robinson Director of Marketing
"We were looking for a social media wall for our event with a tight budget. At the same time, we needed a solution that can be deployed onto the screen at our event and also can be embedded into our website. Then we found Onstipe, which enabled us to amplify the event."

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  • 3. Select a suitable social network, add a hashtag or handle
  • 4. Moderate and customize your social media feeds
  • 5. Display social wall on Tv Screens
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a social media wedding wall?

A social media wedding wall is a digital platform that aggregates and displays social media posts from guests attending a wedding. It allows couples to create their own wedding hashtag and live-stream photos, tweets, Instagram posts, and Facebook comments in real-time.

How does a social media Wedding wall work?

To set up a social media wedding wall, couples can use platforms like Onstipe Social Wall. They can customize the wall with their chosen hashtag and display it at their wedding venue. Guests can then post using the hashtag, and their posts will be showcased on the live wall, creating a dynamic and interactive experience for everyone.

What are the benefits of using a social media wedding wall?

Using a social media wedding wall adds a fun and engaging element to the wedding celebration. It allows guests to contribute their photos and messages, creating a sense of community and involvement. It also serves as a digital photo album, capturing precious memories that can be cherished for years to come.

How can I set up a social media wedding wall?

To set up a social media wedding wall, you can follow these steps:

1). Choose a reliable platform like Onstipe Social Wall.

2). Create a unique wedding hashtag that reflects your special day.

3). Customize the wall to match your wedding theme and preferences.

4). Display the wall at your wedding venue for guests to see and participate in.

Encourage guests to use the hashtag when posting on social media to ensure their posts appear on the wall

Is it possible to moderate the content displayed on the social media wedding wall?

Yes, many social media wedding wall platforms offer moderation features. This allows you to review and approve the posts that appear on the wall, ensuring that only appropriate content is displayed during your wedding.

Can I use a social media wedding wall for other events besides weddings?

Absolutely! Social media walls can be used for various events such as birthdays, corporate gatherings, conferences, and more. They provide an interactive and engaging way to showcase user-generated content and enhance the overall event experience.