Live Instagram Wall for Events, Website and Campaigns

Collect, moderate and display live instagram feed on website or digital screens and boost your hashtag campaigns

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Instagram wall
Support multiple social platforms

We support multiple social media networks. Pick suitable social media channels and start creating best social wall for your business

  • instagram feedInstagram
  • linkedin feedLinkedin
  • youtube feedYoutube
  • vimeo feedVimeo
  • rss feedRSS
  • flickr feedFlickr
  • tumblr feedTumblr

Showcase the power of user-generated content

We make it easy for you to collect, curate and display your live instagram feed in an interactive way

Collect live instagram feeds

Add a hashtag or handle that you want to display on your live Instagram wall

Moderate Instagram content

Filter unwanted Instagram posts in real-time manually or with automated rules

Design Instagram wall

Choose the best template, customize the color combination of your live Instagram wall according to your website or event theme

Display anywhere

Generate and copy the embed code for instagram feed, paste it on the website. For display screens, use instagram wall display URL or cast your laptop screen on the TV.

Benefits of using Instagram Wall for Events, Website & Campaigns

Social wall for events and conferences
Social wall for website
Social wall for hashtag campaign
Powerful features
Multiple beautiful theme
Beautiful Layouts

Make your social media feed more stylish and rich with our amazing layout template options for website and display screens. Responsive & easily run on any screen size.

Custom design
Custom Design

Play smartly with card colors, font styles, font colors, and customization of the complete design of social media feeds according to you. Add a banner, ticker, custom background images.

Automated content filtration
Real-time Moderation

Control your content with a real-time moderation panel. A powerful moderation that keeps your social media feeds clean and spam-free. Add a CTA button, highlight posts, or pin any post on top.

Add Custom Content
Add Custom Content

Add any custom content on your social wall. Add text, image, author, and many more. The Manual Post feature helps you to post anything on the social wall without sharing it on social media channels.

Social media aggregation from multiple networks
Support Multiple Networks

Collect your content from multiple social channels such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr, and more. Add hashtag, handle, or page URL, easily fetch social media feed, and aggregate in one place.

Insightful Analytics
Insightful Analytics

Monitor the complete performance of your social media feeds. Get complete insights and detailed analytics reports of your social media feeds. Know your most active users, influencers.

Follow 5 easy steps and create an instagram wall in 5 minute

How to create social wall
  • 1. Sign up with a 14 day free trial on Onstipe
  • 2. Create a stipe
  • 3. Add a hashtag or handle
  • 4. Use default theme template or customize it your own way
  • 5. Simply, generate an embed code for a website or use Instagram wall link for TV or digital screens
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Instagram wall for everyone

You can use Instagram wall anywhere for various occasions

Conferences and Offices

Conferences & Tradeshows

Display live Instagram feeds in your booths and runs a Q&A Instagram wall to increase audience engagement

Concerts and Festivals

Concerts & Festivals

Collect Instagram content of concert attendees and share them across the venue through an interactive Instagram wall

Sport Events

Sport Events

Make a sporting event more energetic by displaying fan-generated content on jumbotron and stadium screens

Non-Profits and NGOs

Non-Profits & NGOs

Encourage people to contribute and raise awareness. Use the Instagram wall for hashtag campaigns or charity events and increase more funding opportunities

Retail Stores

Retail Stores

Display consumer-generated content in the store's screen and build more trust among customers. Run campaigns and giveaways using an Instagram wall

Restaurants and Bars

Restaurants & Bars

Bring new customers by showcasing positive reviews and experiences of the guest. The Instagram wall is a powerful tool for retaining your customers

Corporate Offices

Corporate Offices

Keep your employees positive and connected with each other by displaying employee-generated content at office screens

Schools and Universities

Schools & Universities

Use the Instagram wall for educational institutes, academic events, convocation ceremonies, virtual events. Display student-generated content and increase engagement

Our Success Stories

Trust is everything. Our customers love what we do.

autorSofia Van Marketing Head
"The ease of use of the Onstipe interface and robust moderation helped us to manage our social media content so easily!. Thanks to their dedicated support team for providing personalized assistance to us."
autorEva Anderson Online Communication Director
"Onstipe offers a set of powerful features that every company wants to look at in a social wall and if you get stuck, their support team will help you. I'm using Onstipe to manage the entire aggregation process. In 10 minutes I have created an amazing social wall for our hashtag campaign."
autorJack Lewis Engagement Coordinator
"We've been using Onstipe for a long time, and I have to say that it has transformed the way we increase audience engagement during events. We are happy to use Onstipe for events."
autorArlo Robinson Director of Marketing
"We were looking for a social media wall for our event with a tight budget. At the same time, we needed a solution that can be deployed onto the screen at our event and also can be embedded into our website. Then we found Onstipe, which enabled us to amplify the event."
More options for More platforms
Twitter Wall

Twitter Wall

Collect live tweets using the hashtag or handle and display live twitter feeds to website visitors or event audiences through a real-time twitter wall.

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Social Wall

Social Wall

Collect social media feeds from multiple social networks using the hashtag or handle and display them to website visitors or event audiences through a live social wall.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Instagram wall?

An Instagram wall is an aggregated feed of live Instagram posts that can be embedded on websites or displayed on digital screens. These Instagram feeds are fetched using hashtags or handles/usernames and combined in one place. You can use the Instagram wall for events, conferences, weddings, and on websites for boosting audience engagement. The Instagram wall is also known as the Instagram feed wall, Instagram hashtag wall, Insta wall, or social wall.

How to create an Instagram Wall?

Create an Instagram wall in 5 minutes. Simply, start your free trial with Onstipe then create a Stipe and choose Instagram as a source. Then add a hashtag or handle and authorize your Instagram feed. Learn more

Now generate an Instagram Wall Display URL or website embed widget code. Display this Instagram wall anywhere on any screen or embed it on the website. You're done.

How do I embed an Instagram feed in an HTML website?

First, create an Instagram wall by adding Instagram as a source. Then collect live Instagram feeds using hashtags or handles and generate an embed code in Onstipe.

Now, embed Instagram feeds on HTML websites by following these steps: 1). Visit 'Display Option', 2). Click 'Embed on Website', 3). Choose 'HTML Widget', 4). Copy the Instagram widget code, and 5). Paste this widget code on your HTML website. Learn more

What is an Instagram Hashtag Feed?

An Instagram hashtag feed is a collection of aggregated posts that are fetched using a specific hashtag from Instagram.

Why are my Instagram posts not showing after adding Instagram as a source?

There are some cases in which you can't get the posts from Instagram using Onstipe.

1). Due to Instagram API restriction, you can't fetch posts older than 24 hours using a hashtag from Instagram. If your posts are older than 24 hours then Onstipe can't fetch those feeds.

2). Maybe these Instagram hashtag posts are posted from a protected or private account. Onstipe can collect only publicly available posts from Instagram.

3). Maybe, your hashtag doesn't have any public post on Instagram. Make sure, you should have at least one public post with your hashtag on Instagram.

4). Maybe your Instagram account is a standard account. To get Instagram hashtag posts you need to be required to have an Instagram business account.

Can I get posts that are posted from a protected or private Instagram account?

No, you can't collect Instagram hashtag posts that are posted from a protected or private account. Onstipe can only fetch the posts that are publicly visible and available to everyone.

Can I get posts from a handle using an Instagram standard or personal account?

Yes, you can collect your own profile posts, if your Instagram account is a standard account.

Simply choose the "My Post" option while adding an Instagram feed and connect your Instagram account.

How much does Onstipe cost for an Instagram Wall?

Onstipe pricing starts at $8.00 per month. There is a free forever plan as well for startups and small-scale businesses. Onstipe provides a 14-day free trial so you can check, Is Onstipe the best fit or not for your business? Learn more

Is Onstipe free or provide a free Instagram Wall?

Yes, Onstipe provides a free Instagram wall for everyone. We have a free forever plan with limited features. You can switch your plan with a free forever plan anytime.

Can I display Instagram feeds on big screens?

Yes, you can display live Instagram feeds on any digital screen or big screen with an Instagram wall URL. Simply, copy the Instagram wall URL and run it on your browser or smart TV. It also supports TV, projector screens, billboards, jumbotrons, Dooh, mobile, laptops, etc. Learn more

Does the Onstipe Instagram Wall support digital signages?

Yes, you can display your Instagram wall on any digital signage easily. We support all digital signage platforms such as ScreenCloud, Mvix, ENPLUG, novisign, Scala, etc.

Can I integrate Instagram feeds on CMS platforms such as WordPress, Blogger, Shopify, SQUARESPACE, Magento, or more?

Yes, you can embed Instagram feeds on all website-building platforms. Onstipe provides responsive and lightweight Instagram feed widgets that can easily support all CMS platforms.

Can I embed Instagram Wall on website?

Yes, you can embed Instagram feeds or Instagram walls on websites. After adding an Instagram feed source, generate an Instagram widget code, copy that widget code and paste it on your website. Learn more

Can I use Instagram Wall for events?

Yes, you can use a live Instagram wall for any event, occasion, conference, wedding, and exhibition. A live Instagram wall gives an amazing experience to your guests. It will help you to generate more conversation around your event hashtag and boost audience engagement during events.

Does Onstipe support Virtual events where my participants can join remotely?

Yes, the Onstipe works perfectly with virtual events. Stream your Instagram wall on your website or virtual event platforms and allow your participants to join remotely.

Does your Instagram Wall support hashtags from Instagram?

Yes, we support hashtags from Instagram. Simply, enter your #hashtag and authorize your Hashtag feed, Onstipe will automatically collect all the posts. Also, you can use @username for Instagram branded content aggregation. We also support other social media networks as well such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and Stories.

Is it possible to review, reject and approve my posts before going live on Instagram Wall?

Yes, you can control your posts before going live. Enable the Moderation for your Instagram feed and approve or reject them manually. You can use our automatic moderation and profanity feature for automatic posts filtration.

Can I customize the design of my Instagram Wall?

Yes, you can edit or update the complete design of your Instagram Wall using our Layout Design section. In this section, you can edit tile colors, background colors, font style and you can also add your own branding using header, ticker.

Can I add Twitter feeds to my Instagram Wall?

Yes, you can add Twitter feeds to your Instagram wall. Also, you can add Facebook, LinkedIn, Flickr, and more feeds on the Instagram wall. A mixed type of content always makes the Instagram wall engaging, interactive, and more talkable.

Can I use the Instagram wall for weddings?

Yes, you can use the Instagram wall for weddings. But keep in mind, you can collect only publicly available posts from Instagram using hashtags.