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An amazing way to display YouTube videos on website. Use Onstipe, the best YouTube widget that helps you to collect, design, and embed YouTube channels and playlists on website for free.

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YouTube Widget for Your Website

Why Onstipe is the best YouTube widget for website?

We provide robust and seamless solutions to you, embed YouTube stream widgets on website & display Youtube videos to your website visitors.

  • Dedicated customer support
  • 96% customer satisfaction rate
  • Easy-to-use interfaces
  • Lightweight widget
Budget friendly social media wall

Have a tight budget? Don't worry. Easy plans and low-cost prices, that perfectly fit in every budget. Best for Small to large-scale size businesses and free forever plan for startups.

Coding free

No need to add extra code for embedding YouTube widget on website. Copy the generated youtube embed code and paste it on any website.

Customized Options
Customized Options

Make your YouTube feeds stunning and beautiful. Edit the complete design of your YouTube widget according to you. Embed responsive youtube videos on website.

Responsive Social Wall
Responsive Design

Responsive in design. Our theme layouts support all screen sizes. Easily display YouTube feed on any screen such as desktop, tablet, and mobile.

What is YouTube Widget?

A YouTube widget is a tool that allows you to showcase the videos from your YouTube channel on your website or live screen. With a YouTube widget, any new videos that you upload to your channel will automatically be added to the widget, ensuring that your website visitors or audience are always up to date with your latest content. This can be a great way to increase engagement and promote your brand's YouTube channel to a wider audience.

The Benefits of Adding a YouTube Widget to Your Website

Adding a YouTube widget to your website can offer numerous benefits, enhancing both the user experience and the overall functionality of your site. here are Some of the major advantages are listed below:

Engaging Multimedia Content

YouTube is one of the largest video-sharing platforms globally, offering a vast library of videos on various topics. By adding this widget, you can incorporate engaging multimedia content, such as tutorials, product demos, testimonials, or entertainment, directly into your website. This can make your site more interesting and appealing to visitors.

Improved User Engagement

Videos are inherently more engaging than text or images. Including a YouTube widget can help keep visitors on your site longer, reducing bounce rates. Engaged users are more likely to explore your content, stay longer, and potentially convert into customers or subscribers.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Google, which owns YouTube, often ranks videos in search results. By embedding YouTube videos on your website, you can potentially improve your website SEO. This can result in higher visibility in search engine results pages (SERPs) and increased organic traffic to your site.

Content Diversification

Diversifying your content with videos allows you to cater to different learning styles and preferences. Some people like to watch movies rather than read text. By accommodating these preferences, you can reach a broader audience and provide a more comprehensive user experience.

Brand Building

You can use YouTube to host your promotional videos, company culture videos, or behind-the-scenes content. Embedding these videos on your website can help reinforce your brand identity and build trust with your audience.

Social Sharing

YouTube videos are highly shareable across various social media platforms. By integrating a YouTube widget, you make it easy for visitors to share your content, potentially increasing your site's exposure and driving more traffic.

Mobile Compatibility

YouTube is mobile-friendly, and embedding YouTube videos ensures that your multimedia content is accessible and functional on both desktop and mobile devices.

Reduced Hosting Costs

Hosting videos on your own server can be expensive and resource-intensive. By using YouTube to host your videos and embedding them on your website, you save on hosting costs and reduce the strain on your server.

Analytics and Insights

YouTube provides robust analytics tools that can help you track video performance, audience engagement, and demographic data. By embedding YouTube videos, you can leverage these insights to refine your content strategy and better understand your audience.

How Our YouTube Widget Works

3 Easy Steps! Connect, Curate, and Embed Live Stream YouTube on Website.

Connect YouTube Source

Choose YouTube as a source and enter the YouTube playlist or channel URL, collect your content within a second.

Curate YouTube Feed

Enable moderation and filter unwanted YouTube videos with one-click moderation.

Embed YouTube Widget

Copy & paste YouTube widget embed code website. Embed YouTube widget on any website - WordPress, HTML, & blogger.

Embed YouTube Channel and YouTube Playlist

Onstipe YouTube Widget helps you to collect, curate and embed YouTube feed using the playlist and channel.

Embed YouTube Channel on Website
Embed YouTube Playlist on Website

Features of Onstipe YouTube Widget

Powerful features that make Onstipe a reliable YouTube widget.

Responsive Layout

Responsive Layout

We have responsive and lightweight layouts that make our YouTube widget more flexible and interactive.

Custom design

Custom Design

Edit colors of tiles, font style, background. Customize the complete design & feel of your YouTube video widget easily.

Optimized Code

Optimized Code

Onstipe YouTube channel widget comes with minimum code. Embed YouTube feed on website with just two-liner code.

Shoppable Posts

Shoppable Posts

Make your YouTube feed actionable by adding Call-to-action (CTA) buttons. Add any link on your YouTube video feeds.

Add Custom Content

Add Custom Content

Add custom content between YouTube feed using our Manual Post feature. Add image, text, video, or promotional content.

Insightful Analytics

Insightful Analytics

Monitor the complete performance of your YouTube feed widget. Get detailed insights and analytics reports of your feeds.

Official APIs

Official APIs

We use official YouTube APIs for collecting content through the channel, and playlist from YouTube.

Custom CSS

Custom CSS

Want to make more design changes? Add your own custom CSS and run your feed according to you.

One-time Installation

One-time Installation

One-time process, embed YouTube widget on website & manage the complete process from our dashboard. No need to edit embed code again.

Our Success Stories

Trust is everything. Our customers love what we do.

autorSofia Van Marketing Head
"The ease of use of the Onstipe interface and robust moderation helped us to manage our social media content so easily!. Thanks to their dedicated support team for providing personalized assistance to us."
autorEva Anderson Online Communication Director
"Onstipe offers a set of powerful features that every company wants to look at in a social wall and if you get stuck, their support team will help you. I'm using Onstipe to manage the entire aggregation process. In 10 minutes I have created an amazing social wall for our hashtag campaign."
autorJack Lewis Engagement Coordinator
"We've been using Onstipe for a long time, and I have to say that it has transformed the way we increase audience engagement during events. We are happy to use Onstipe for events."
autorArlo Robinson Director of Marketing
"We were looking for a social media wall for our event with a tight budget. At the same time, we needed a solution that can be deployed onto the screen at our event and also can be embedded into our website. Then we found Onstipe, which enabled us to amplify the event."

Integrate YouTube Widget on Various CMS Platforms

Onstipe supports all the CMS platforms such as WordPress, Shopify, Drupal, Wix, Squarespace, Blogger.

  • BigCommerceBigCommerce
  • WooCommerceWooCommerce
  • WixWix
  • ShopifyShopify
  • WeeblyWeebly
  • WordPressWordPress
  • MagentoMagento
  • DrupalDrupal
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a YouTube Widget?

A YouTube Widget is a small box or widget that can be embedded on a website or blog to display your YouTube videos, playlists, channels, or other YouTube content. It enables you to display video content directly on your website, enhancing user engagement and interaction.

What are the benefits of using a YouTube Widget?

Using a YouTube Widget can provide several benefits, such as increasing engagement with your YouTube content, promoting brand awareness, and providing valuable social proof for businesses. The widget can also drive traffic to your YouTube channel and encourage visitors to subscribe to your channel.

How does a YouTube Widget work?

A YouTube Widget works by using the YouTube API to pull data from a YouTube channel or playlist and display it on a website or blog. Users can customize the appearance and functionality of the widget to match their branding and needs.

What types of YouTube Widgets are available?

There are several types of YouTube Widgets available, including video players, playlist players, channel players, and subscribe buttons. Each type of widget has its own unique features and functionalities.

Can I track the performance of YouTube videos embedded through a widget?

Yes, you can track the performance of YouTube videos embedded through a widget using YouTube's analytics tool, YouTube Studio. It provides insights into metrics such as views, watch time, engagement, and audience demographics. This data can help you measure the impact of your videos and make informed decisions for your content strategy.

How do I set up a YouTube Widget on my website or blog?

Setting up a YouTube Widget on your website or blog is relatively easy. Checkout steps to add YouTube widgets on the website

Can I use YouTube widgets on social media platforms?

YouTube widgets cannot be directly embedded on most social media platforms as they have their own video players. However, you can share the YouTube video link on social media, and platforms like Facebook and Twitter will automatically generate a preview with a playable video.

Are YouTube widgets compatible with all website platforms?

YouTube widgets are compatible with most website platforms and content management systems (CMS). Whether you are using WordPress, Wix, Shopify, Squarespace, or any other popular CMS, you can typically embed YouTube videos using the provided embed code. However, it's always recommended to check the specific documentation or support resources for your chosen platform.

Can I monetize YouTube videos embedded in a widget?

Yes, you can monetize YouTube videos that are embedded using a widget. If you have enabled monetization on your YouTube channel and the video contains eligible ads, those ads will appear when the video is viewed through the widget. This allows you to continue earning revenue from your videos even when they are embedded on external websites.

How much does a YouTube Widget cost?

Using a YouTube Widget is free, but some customization options may require additional costs. It is important to check with your website or blog platform to see if any additional costs apply.