Free Social Media Aggregator for Website

The best social media aggregator for website that allows you to pull your social media posts into one place. With the Onstipe social aggregator tool, you can collect hashtag content, posts, images from multiple social networks and create a beautiful feed for your website.

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Social media aggregator for website

Benefits of Social Media Aggregator for Websites

Combine multiple social channels
Make website engaging
Display social proof and increase sales

How does Onstipe Social Media Aggregator
Work for Websites

Follow 4 easy steps - Collect, design, moderate, and embed social media feeds on website. Onstipe makes social media content aggregation easy and quick for you.

Collect social media posts
Design Social media feed
Moderate social media feed
Embed feed on website

Build Trust, Increase Engagement & Boost Conversions

Create your first social wall to experience the power of user-generated content

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Features That Make Onstipe a Best
Social Media Aggregator Tool

Our social media aggregator platform has the most advanced and powerful features that help you to enhance engagement and boost sales on the website

Multiple beautiful theme
Beautiful social feed themes

Onstipe provides responsive themes that can be adjustable automatically on any device such as laptop, mobile, and pc. Highly responsive in nature and easily run on any screen size.

We have multiple stylish themes or layouts that make your social media feeds more attractive and impressive.

Custom design
Social feed customization

You can customize your social media feed's font, colors, background, and complete look. Onstipe gives you easy to customize options, theme design editing, and play smartly with the color combinations.

Also, you can add your own custom CSS to update the design and flow of feeds.

Automated content filtration
Social feed moderation

With our powerful moderation and filters, you can control your content in real-time and discard useless posts.

We provide complete control over your social media posts and help you to keep your feeds clean and spam-free. Moderate your content before going live on the website.

Add Custom Content
Autoplay videos on cards

Turn your ordinary video thumbnails into video. Autoplay video on cards makes your social media feeds more interactive.

Onstipe enables you to show autoplay videos in cards instead of thumbnails. Autoplay videos on cards help you to give a lively experience to your social media feeds.

Social media aggregation from multiple networks
Make social feed shoppable

A call-to-action button on your posts can increase the conversion rate speedily. With Onstipe social media aggregator tool, you can generate leads on your website through user-generated content by adding CTAs.

Add Call-to-Action buttons on your social media posts and make them shoppable. Also, you can add any external or internal link through CTA buttons.

Insightful Analytics
Social media feed analytics

Keep track of the entire performance of your social media feeds. Get complete insights and detailed analytics reports. Know your most active users, influencers, post impression, and user engagement.

Monitor every single detail about your social media content and its performance with Onstipe's social media feed analytics.

Our Social Media Aggregator App Supports
Multiple Social Networks

The best social media feed aggregator tool lets you collect, curate, and embed social media posts on websites from multiple platforms. With Onstipe social aggregator platforms, you can collect and showcase the best posts, photos, and videos from popular social networks. Pick suitable social media channels and start creating the best social wall for your business or brand. Use it as your personal social media aggregator tool too.

  • instagram feedInstagram

    Hashtags, profile, stories, and tagged

  • youtube feedYoutube

    Channels and playlists

  • vimeo feedVimeo

    Hashtags and profiles

  • flickr feedFlickr

    Hashtags and profiles

  • tumblr feedTumblr

    Hashtags and profiles

  • rss feedRSS

    RSS feed url

  • linkedin feedLinkedin

    Post URL

Our Success Stories

Trust is everything. Our customers love what we do.

autorSofia Van Marketing Head
"The ease of use of the Onstipe interface and robust moderation helped us to manage our social media content so easily!. Thanks to their dedicated support team for providing personalized assistance to us."
autorEva Anderson Online Communication Director
"Onstipe offers a set of powerful features that every company wants to look at in a social wall and if you get stuck, their support team will help you. I'm using Onstipe to manage the entire aggregation process. In 10 minutes I have created an amazing social wall for our hashtag campaign."
autorJack Lewis Engagement Coordinator
"We've been using Onstipe for a long time, and I have to say that it has transformed the way we increase audience engagement during events. We are happy to use Onstipe for events."
autorArlo Robinson Director of Marketing
"We were looking for a social media wall for our event with a tight budget. At the same time, we needed a solution that can be deployed onto the screen at our event and also can be embedded into our website. Then we found Onstipe, which enabled us to amplify the event."

Smooth Integration of Social Media Aggregation
with Various CMS Platforms

A social media aggregator app that provides seamless integration on WordPress, Shopify, Drupal, Wix, Squarespace, Blogger, and more.

  • BigCommerceBigCommerce
  • WooCommerceWooCommerce
  • WixWix
  • ShopifyShopify
  • WeeblyWeebly
  • WordPressWordPress
  • MagentoMagento
  • DrupalDrupal
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a social media aggregator?

A social media aggregator is a tool that enables users to fetch their social media posts from various social media networks and aggregate them in one place. Users can collect their hashtags and handle posts from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and many other social channels. Through the social media aggregator tool, you can embed these collected posts on any website.

How social media aggregators work?

A social media aggregator tool works on 3 easy processes - Collect, curate, and embed.

First, it collects posts from social channels through hashtags, handles, page URLs. Second, you can moderate and design your content according to you. And third, embed these aggregated feeds on the website using a simple embed code.

Why use a social media aggregator for websites?

Social media aggregator makes content aggregation easy and aggregates them in one place. Brands can combine and embed their social media presence of multiple networks on their website. It is the perfect solution to get rid of embedding multiple codes of individual social channels on the website. Also, it helps you to engage the audience, improve dwell time, collect UGC, increase sales, and display social proofs.

What is the best social media aggregator for a website?

A best social media aggregator tool that gives you every possible opportunity to leverage your user-generated content by showcasing it on the website. There are a lot of social media aggregators on the web but Onstipe, Tint, Taggbox, Wallsio are the best social media aggregators for 2022.

Is Onstipe a social media aggregator?

Yes, Onstipe is one of the most popular social media aggregator tools to help brands collect and embed all of their social media content on the website easily. It's a powerful content aggregator tool that works well with all website-building platforms or CMS like WordPress, Wix, BigCommerce, Shopify, and more.

How can I add a social media feed to my WordPress website?

Follow these easy steps:

1. Copy the embed widget code from Onstipe.
2. Select the webpage where you want to embed your social media feed.
4. Click Edit to edit the page. Then click the + icon on the block area.
5. Choose the Custom HTML.
6. Paste your social feed code into the field.
6. Now, save the page.