Onstipe Overview

Onstipe is a social media aggregator and UGC platform that helps to collect content from various social media channels and display on digital screens or embed on websites.

Here is an introduction to Onstipe’s terms and features.

1. Stipe – Where you can create a social wall. In other words, in this stipe, you can collect social media feeds from multiple social channels and apply any setting separately. You can create multiple stipes with different settings, they don’t affect each other.

2. Source – Sources known as social media channels. One social media channel is considered as one source.

3. Updates – After a specific time duration, you will get new posts from social media channels. Updates depend on plans, each plan has different updates or feed refresh time.

4. Profanity Filter – Set filtration for excluding posts that have any bad words. Set a list for content filtration.

5. Moderation – Automatic and manual moderation where you can remove posts in real-time.

6. Custom CSS – Edit the complete design of social media feeds or Stipe by applying custom CSS.

7. Manual Post – Post any external content within your social media posts on social walls.

8. Add CTA – Add custom call to action buttons to attach any link on posts.

9. Sponsored Post – Create an announcement or show gratitude to sponsors by adding any additional content on the Social wall or Stipe.

10. Header – Add your own branding by placing brand logos on social media walls through a Header or banner.

11. Ticker – Flash your hashtag or show any news through Tickers on the top and bottom of the social wall.

12. Pin to Top – Place any post in the first position using the Pin to Top option.

13. Highlight Post – Give additional visibility to any post by highlighting that post.

14. Theme Layout – Collection of beautiful themes that can easily run on any screen or website.

15. Display Options – Whether you want to embed social media feed on a website or display it on screens, display options give you infinite possibilities to display your content.

16. APIs – If you need social media content in JSON and XML format then Onstipe APIs will be a good option for you.

17. Analytics – Monitor the complete performance of your social media feeds through insightful analytics.

If you have any additional query, please contact us or email to us at support[@]onstipe.com.