5 Marketing Ideas for Shopping Malls

social wall for shopping mall

Increasing visitor flow is a daily task for retail centre managers. That is one of the primary reasons they devote time and money in marketing. Now marketing is not just confined to basic retail marketing techniques but it also involves making your online presence in the digital era using social wall, widgets, etc. There are numerous marketing solutions available such as using a social media aggregator like Onstipe to help shopping malls of all sizes and industries reach their target audience, regardless of budget or experience. Onstipe is the best social media aggregator that supports multiple social media platforms.

Here are a few tried-and-true shopping mall marketing tactics to help you increase foot traffic and build a lasting relationship with your customers.

1. Make a distinctive hashtag for your shopping mall

Using hashtags makes it simpler to find and join conversations. Of course, this also applies to personal use of social media, but nowadays, many businesses make advantage of user-generated hashtag campaigns for creating hashtag wall.

You can quickly track and gather the user generated content that customers share on social media while sharing their shopping experiences by giving your shopping mall its own hashtag. Additionally, it is a terrific approach to find your actual supporters. Promote using your official hashtag so that customers may write about their visits to your mall, shops, or experiences with customer service.

On social media, people like to share interesting products and stories with their friends and followers. This is powerful user generated content that you can utilise in your marketing.

Onstipe allows you to make stunning Hashtag Wall so that you can create more genuine user-generated content for your brand by using embedding it on your website.

2. Plan activities on the weekends and on holidays

People no longer need to go outside to shop as instead, they do so to socialise, be a part of a community, and feel a feeling of belonging. Marketing strategies should include musical, artistic, and social events to reach the broader audience. For instance, you can use picture competitions to promote both your brand and the brands of your tenants. By allowing your consumers to snap pictures or selfies of their experiences at your mall, you may collect a tonne of user-generated content. By requesting that the store owners post the images on their social media handles, you might potentially engage in cross-promotion. Lastly, post all that wonderful stuff on a social wall and invite users to vote for their favourite image.

3. Use social media to spread news and adverts

It would be best if you promoted new stores, events you host, new collections, new films at the mall’s theatre, and sales and giveaways your tenants are hosting on all your social walls using relevant tools like a social media aggregator.Positive responses are assured by creating a sense of excitement and giving followers the impression, they are the first to learn about the most recent information. Additionally, it will draw customers to your mall.

Onstipe allows you to aggregate content from multiple social media channels. Choose an appropriate social media platform, then start building the ideal social media wall for your business. Best of all, you may also use it as your own personal social media aggregator.

4. Use a popular social media widget to connect with visitors

The content you spend time developing for your social media audience should extend beyond the channels on which it is posted. Every new post posted on your company’s profiles will be uploaded to the social widget immediately. You can further tailor the information by selecting only content related to a specific event or campaign. Aside from the content you provide, you may utilise a social media widget to collect user generated content and show posts shared on social media by customers and influencers. They will provide important social proof for your website. An Instagram widget, for example, allows you to display information from your Instagram account on the shopping mall’s website.

Try the free Instagram widget from Onstipe for the quickest and easiest Instagram feed embedding. Our Instagram widget supports all devices such as PC, laptops, mobiles, and tablets. With us on your side, your brand generated content will reach a wider audience and you will get more followers.

5. Integrate user-generated content and digital signage

Displaying your social media feed and user-generated content gathered with your official hashtag on digital signage is an excellent method to integrate your online and offline marketing activities.

Setting up a social wallor a digital signage will help your marketing communication approach in a variety of ways. It allows you to connect with your audience, increase sales and brand exposure, promote your events and tenants, and involve your community.


It is time for you to draw customers to your shopping mall.

So, start taking use of the shopping mall marketing strategies discussed in this article. Create your official hashtags and encourage people to share their experiences with them. Monitor the hashtags used on all social networks and utilise a social media aggregator tool like Onstipe to combine social media posts into a single stream and display them anywhere you want.