10 Content Insights for Schools to make the most of Digital Signage

Content insights for schools to digital signage

Social media is an excellent tool for connecting with and communicating with younger generations. Therefore, digital signage for schools that displays live social wall is such a brilliant concept. These displays will aid communication between students, faculty, and others.

You might think that social media will distract pupils, yet when used effectively, the opposite is true. Digital signage in schools helps students connect with you and with one another. Previously, digital signage could only present static images and text scrolling. Many educational institutions have used social media aggregators and social media walls in schools and colleges to serve a variety of actions in recent times. This implies that there are countless ways to employ digital signage to promote engagement and communicate vital messages to your students, teachers, and staff.

Consider the following ideas of digital signage that you can use to increase participation at your school.

10 Content Ideas of digital signage in Schools

Searching for some creative ways to engage with your students and faculty on a profound level? Look at these 10 content ideas to be creative with digital signage in the educational space.

1. Showcase your most recent posts on the social wall

Could your school’s online visibility use some help? You may easily achieve this with digital signage. Set up all your digital screens on campus to show your most recent social media updates. This includes anything from your Twitter feed and Facebook updates to images of students and grads on Instagram. Social media content is not only relevant to students, but it also fills in content shortages. Modern digital signage software allows your signs to instantly display the most recent posts.

Include tagged posts, mentions, and hashtags if you want to take it a step further. Onstipe allows you to choose the best hashtag feed layout or adjust the colour scheme of the hashtag wall to your liking. Using a hashtag wall can encourage students of your school to share more and more content with your hashtag on social media sites.

2. Welcome Note for New Students, Teachers, or Employees

Beginning at a new school can be nerve-racking for both new teachers and kids. A warm welcome via digital signage is an excellent approach to break the ice. A brief biography will enable everyone get to know them right away. Digital welcome screens also assist students in remembering the names of all new students. Onstipe allows you to display social wall on digital signage, TV screens, or projectors during events. Hence, one can use it for greeting new members of the school premise.

3. Offer visitors simple navigation and wayfinding

Schools are large complexes that can be difficult to traverse, especially for new students and teachers. You can use a modern digital signage platform to develop interactive maps on your social wall or website for your school to provide navigational information that physical signs cannot properly express. Students will be able to swiftly and readily identify where they need to go during the day as a result of this. A digital screen with an interactive map of your school will assist in reducing tardiness.

4. Display Important Regulations and School Policies

Bulletin boards are unsightly and do not encourage student participation. A digital screen will always be more visually appealing than a wooden notice board, and they are excellent for generating engagement.

Smart digital signage can make new school policies more appealing to read. To make the content more interesting, use appealing themes, graphics, and videos. You can even use user generated content made by students and teachers. This will develop a sense of belonging among them towards the school.

A social media aggregator tool like Onstipe enables you to collect content from various social media platforms. Add a hashtag, handle, or page URL to simply fetch and aggregate social media feeds.

5. Make announcements about events, activities, or emergency alerts

Every campus has the problem of making emergency notifications more visible. This is where digital signage comes in, allowing emergency notifications to be delivered to the entire campus in seconds.

Aside from warning about emergencies, digital signage can notify students and instructors of upcoming events, assemblies, sporting events, and so on with the help of an event wall.

6. Exam Schedules for Broadcast

You can utilize digital signage to distribute exam timetables throughout the campus. Make these schedules aesthetically interesting to ensure students take notice of them. Teachers can use a social media aggregator tool like Onstipe to add QR codes that will appear on the social wall’s screen. This allows students to get exam timetables on their phones.

7. Encourage students and motivate them

Sometimes all a student requires is a morale boost. If you want to motivate your students to work hard, digital signage is your greatest weapon. Quotes from famous leaders and motivational memes offer excellent content, inspiring students to be motivated for their study goals. You can do this by engaging on social wall posts that have motivational hashtags.

Onstipe can increase the visibility of your social campaigns by displaying a live hashtag feed on a website or digital screens via a hashtag wall.

8. Recognize Your Students’ Creativity and Achievements

Obtaining an education can be a difficult task at times. That is why it is critical to recognize students when they hit the ball out of the park. Giving a student a shout-out for an excellent job via digital signs will make them feel unique and valued, and will encourage your other pupils to try harder. This can be accomplished by using your social media feed, such as Instagram.

You can use Onstipe’s free Instagram widget for this purpose, which provides the simplest way to embed an Instagram feed on your website.

9. Publicized Notices of Lost Items

You may digitize your lost and found box using digital signage. Instead of letting lost items collect dust in a crate someplace, utilize your digital screens to spread the news. Your kids will love the ability to search the screens for information about their lost hats, backpacks, or gadgets. Allow students to participate in your social wall so that their user generated content makes it easy to locate the owner of the lost objects.

10. Show Weather Forecasts

Is it supposed to rain on exam day? Then your students will undoubtedly be interested. Weather forecasts are ideal for broadcasting on your digital signage. With regular forecasts in place, students and teachers will know if they need to bring a jacket or an umbrella when they leave the house. Creating an event wall with by adding a banner, ticker, custom background images will put more emphasis on your weather information. Onstipe allows you to make custom designs for your event wall, so that students pay extra to all necessary weather forecasts of the school’s digital screen.


Any school or college campus that want to remain relevant in the digital age must invest in digital signage. Onstipe is the best social media aggregator that allows you to use a social wall for educational institutes such as schools, colleges. Schools can increase engagement by displaying student-generated social content on the digital screens.