Utilizing a Social Media Event Wall to Enhance Your Event

social wall for enhance your event

A Social Media Event Wall for events can be beneficial. It enables attendees to interact with each other, as well as offer insight on the event itself. Utilizing this feature can help create a dynamic experience for all involved.

Sustaining interactions is an essential element of Digital Marketing. Businesses that comprehend this are better prepared to create possibilities, particularly utilizing the social media event wall at events.

The plan has been effective because of its ability to motivate individuals to take action and create material related to the topic.

At events, people are inspired to get involved and have their input recognized, thereby creating valuable material for businesses.

Across the globe, large-scale events have implemented the social media event wall to boost engagement, but it is essential to understand how to utilize it properly to ensure it achieves its desired effect.

This article will cover social media event walls at events, discussing topics such as:

  • Have you heard about social media event walls for events?
  • Interested in utilizing this tool for your upcoming event?
  • See the advantages of using this strategy here!

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What is the purpose of a social media wall at events?

Events can be enhanced through the utilization of a social media event wall, which displays social activities on a display.

The idea is to encourage people to engage with a certain hashtag, which can be shared on various social media outlets such as Instagram, Twitter, etc.

The social media event wall has the capability of displaying the most recent posts associated with the designated hashtag in a timely manner.

By doing this, the event can advertise tweets, pictures, written posts utilizing that tag and material.

What is the appeal of this?

The interesting thing about this approach is that it has the potential to create interaction. People who attend events usually appreciate the chance to have their content seen by others.

Folks who enjoy seeing pictures of their pals, voicing their opinions on tweets, and viewing any other material on the display are what motivate the use of social media event walls. This desire to create content is something that can be capitalized on.

Organically building interactions is a way to increase engagement. At events, this tactic can make your hashtag popular on social platforms.

The content can be used to advertise the event as well, and even lead to the creation of a video to represent the company with the interactions captured.

What are the benefits of employing a social media event wall at events?

In order to be successful in employing a social media event wall for occasions, it is essential to establish certain criteria.

Ensuring that all necessities are fully supplied is critical, ranging from structures to reports of activity.

Utilize the following suggestions to get the desired outcome!

Come up with a hashtag

The first step is to decide on the hashtags to be employed.

The hashtag must be included in any content created by those attending the event in order to feature the post, photo, or video on the social media event wall.

The hashtag should be prominently featured in key areas, for example:

  • posted on the social media platform;
  • used in promotional materials for the event;
  • put up in banners at the site.

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Stimulate the production of content

It is essential to keep reminding participants of the campaign. Including incentives is a great way to ensure the strategy’s success.

An advantage of having a social media event wall for events is that it encourages engagement. In order for this to be successful, however, it is essential to stimulate the audience’s interest rather than simply showcasing the generated content.

In order to generate interest and encourage content-creation, offering rewards and incentives is a great way to do so.

Provide a reward to those who use the hashtag: raffle off prizes among those who posted and brainstorm other ways to gratify the viewers.

The event organizers must take action in order to stimulate the production of content.

At the event, have staff circulate social media event wall materials for people to take.

The instructions should clarify the steps for posting with the hashtag , and also provide details about any rewards, drawings, or other activities in the works.

Employing a larger display screen can be beneficial

The physical manifestation of a social media event wall for events is a monitor which will demonstrate all the content as it is created.

Having something large and striking that can be easily spotted from a distance is essential.

At live events, social media event walls have been proven to generate Return on Investment. IdentityGroup.co.uk has established this as a fact. By using these walls, sponsors and exhibitors are able to gain a greater reach and visibility.

Massive monitors have been set up at globally-recognized events, and the audience is thrilled to have their content projected to the entire gathering, which encourages involvement even more.

Four events have been highlighted for their outstanding use of social media to promote their activities. It is clear that each of these events have leveraged the power of the online world to reach their target audience, creating awareness and increasing engagement. These examples demonstrate the potential of social media when it comes to connecting with the public in an effective manner.

Acquiring an adequate social media event wall application

The presentation of the social media posts that have been tagged with hashtags is carried out through automation. Dedicated applications are responsible for producing the posts when they are issued.

In order to employ social media event walls at events, it is imperative to locate the suitable tool.

The market offers numerous excellent choices and Onstipe’s Event Wall is certainly one of best Social Media Aggregator. It can be beneficial for both physical and virtual gatherings.

Live blogging can be augmented by the use of social media event walls. When streaming live, it is typical to invite audience members to share their thoughts and comments on the topic via tweets.

The transmission occurring at that moment can be viewed on a split screen, with the social wall on one side and the content on the other. At the same time, viewers can take in the dialogue happening in real-time.

One might inquire what advantages stem from that strategy?

The utilization of social media event walls for occasions is accompanied by attractive advantages.

On these opportunities, one can link to their viewers by utilizing User-generated Content (UGC), and the outcomes can be favorable.

For promotion of campaigns, brands, and sponsors, social walls are utilized as a platform to display. Further information can be found below!


Engagement can be referred to as participation in activities, which may involve an exchange of information and ideas.

Engagement is one of the most important elements of a successful strategy, and the likelihood of success increases when the public finds the opportunity to be seen on a large scale attractive.

Businesses continually strive to have a deeper bond with their consumers. Utilizing a social media event wall is a great way to get that done.

Promotional Area

Events can use social media event walls as an opportunity to advertise.

By attending, participants will gain knowledge of the material being presented so that the organization’s staff can facilitate its promotion.

  • details regarding the occasion;
  • corporate accounts on social media;
  • promotion of goods and services;
  • backers of the event.

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Events can benefit from a social media event wall as a growth strategy which produces communication and the ultimate goal: engagement! Businesses should strive to engage with their audience and User Generated Content (UGC) can be a fantastic way to accomplish this. If you’re trying to find a method to boost your events return on investment, have a look to see how employing social media walls can provide a solution!