Why Event Marketers Should Use A Social Wall for Events

Why Event Marketers Should Use A Social Wall for Events

When it comes to organizing an event then it’s the complete responsibility of event marketers or planners that every move goes in the right way. They need to place each and every element perfectly to make any event an amazing one.

During an event, it is vital that everything is conceptualized well and has that visual appeal to keep the audience engaged and connected throughout. There are a lot of numerous things needed to manage an event such as planning the agenda, guest lists, decoration, food and beverages, arrangements for speakers, and so on. Perfecting these will only make your event successful.


There is one more very crucial element – social media, which you must really master to get the most of your event. An engaged and happy audience will always ring praises about your event in quite a foreseeable future. In this era of social media, visual content holds a lot of importance, as human beings are known to digest visual information a lot better than textual information.

If there is something that is visually-appealing, keeps the audience engaged, and helps you gain insights into what they think about your event – it is the Social Wall.

What is the social wall?

A social wall is a collection of live feeds of social media posts from multiple social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and more. The social wall has various names like social media wall, hashtag wall, Twitter wall, Instagram wall, social feed wall, etc.

It is a real-time content wall that allows people to display social media posts on digital signage or digital screens during events. The content on a social content wall is continuously generated by a social media aggregator based on the pre-defined criteria of keywords, hashtags, or mentions of/from specific users

A social media wall for events is a display wall that collects and showcases social feed from multiple social platforms. The collected social content can be in any form such as image, text, gifs, videos. 

You also have the option to moderate the content of the posts before they are put on display for the audience. Through the social walls, you can also encourage the audience to participate in the conversation and can only help boost engagement levels.

There are numerous social media walls like Onstipe, Tintup, Wallsio, Olapic, Pixlee, etc that can help collect updates and posts from different social feeds.

Why should event marketers use a social wall?

There are many reasons behind using a social wall for events. A live social media wall can help event marketers to improve the user experience and build brand trust. Event marketers can increase audience engagement and generate buzz during events. It can be a perfect marketing tool for any event. Here are some benefits you should consider:

1. Increase Audience Engagement

Everyone loves some form of visibility and a social wall does just that by featuring the posts made by users on the big screen. The attendees can post their views on any given topic to interact with others on a broader level. Through an increased number of discussions, the attendees will remain hooked throughout the event. As an event organizer, it will take a huge burden off your shoulders, if audience engagement was a worrying factor for you.

2. Generate Word of Mouth Marketing

There cannot be a better way of generating buzz around your event. When the event attendees share their thoughts and experiences with relevant hashtags, their posts are also visible to their network, which helps your event get highlighted on a broader level. This organic method of generating publicity around your event can help increase your brand awareness and engagement much beyond the scope of your target audience.

3. Authentic User-Generated Content

For any brand, it must have a good amount of user-generated content that is authentic, and without any bias or prejudice. Through social media walls for events, the attendees can share their reviews, experiences, and visuals of your event. This will help you get a lot of authentic user-generated content that you can use later for marketing and branding purposes as well.

4. Keep Your Sponsors Happy

If you are someone who is organizing an event with a tight budget, this can be a great way of generating some funds that can cover your event costs. You can allocate a premium space for your sponsors to make them happy and also raise your brand visibility by showing it to the world on how other brands trust you.

5. Identify Your Target Audience

The social wall can help you to identify your target audience by analyzing the experiences of your event guests’. It helps you to understand how your attendees feel about your event and what makes them happy most. By analyzing this you can improve that particular part of your event more precisely. 

6. Generate Conversation

A social media wall can be helpful for generating more conversation and discussion around your event and brand. You can run a Q&A, polls, contests during an event on the social media wall, and encourage event attendees to participate. Even such kinds of activities on social walls will entertain your guests.

7. Extend the Reach of Your Event

The social feed wall gives an event a global exposure on social media. It empowers you to extend the reach of your event to the world. Social wall encourages your event attendees to share posts with your event hashtag on social media. When your event attendees share a post then their followers also can see your event happenings and can join your event online.

8. Give a Rich Look to Your Event

The social wall gives an awesome attraction to your event. You can use a social media wall as a decoration part of your event venue. It makes your event more fascinating and rich. Attendees will enjoy your live social wall section and desperately like to click pictures in front of it. You can also edit the design of your event social wall and make it more colorful and vibrant.  

9. Capture Your Event From Every Angle

Photographers can’t capture every moment of your event but a social wall can. The social event wall empowers you to capture your event from every angle through your event attendees. Attendees will do it for you, they click their photos in all sections of your event venue and post on social walls. You can collect these photos and use them for brand promotion after the event.

Choose the Best Social Media Wall for Events

There are numerous social walls with varied functions and benefits, which collate content from multiple social media networks for events. You can learn here what you need to consider in a social wall before choosing the best one.

  • The most important criteria you must consider when selecting a social media wall must be the ability to moderate the user-generated content. This can help prevent inappropriate content from getting displayed on your social wall during the event.
  • The next important factor is the reputation of the social wall, as not all of them can access the content of all social media networks.
  • A social media wall with an analytics function is important as it will help you analyze the engagement levels of your event based on various parameters.
  • A social content wall should have the flexibility to provide you with needed features and customized plans.
  • A social wall should have the ability to give you high priority 24×7 customer support for your event. 
  • A tight budget is a major problem for every event marketer, so choose a social wall that can fit in your event budget.
  • Choose a social wall that allows you to do customization of your social feeds according to your event theme. So, you can add the logo of your brand, change the color combination, and font style easily. 
  • Your social wall should be compatible with all devices that you use during the event. Support Mac and windows comfortably. 
  • Allows you to set up your social wall a few days before your event. So you can check everything to avoid any interruption during the event.
  • Lastly, make sure that the social wall can brand the content that you will display on the digital screen. This can be a great value not only for your organization but also for the sponsors.

What’s next?

If you have decided to use a social media feed wall for your next event, make sure you have all the logistics in place to facilitate the installation of an event photo wall. This will include the availability of projectors or digital signage and the availability of the right people to manage the user-generated content that will be put up on social walls.

Now, what are you waiting for? Try a social wall for your next event and enhance the audience experience. You can use this social wall for website as well. You can start with Onstipe.

Onstipe is a self-service platform that allows you to aggregate social media feeds in one place and build a social wall in minutes. Onstipe is the best social wall that empowers you to collect, curate, and display social media feed on digital screens during events. You can start with a 14 day free trial of Onstipe. So, what are you waiting for? Create your social wall for the event and take your event to the next level.