10 Successful Social Media Christmas Campaigns So Far

Social Media Christmas Campaign

The Christmas festival has arrived!

Do you know what that means? Let’s start making the strategy for your social media Christmas campaigns. Start creating your social media posts and spread joy among people. For brands and marketers, Christmas marketing usually starts in summer. We all know this year’s Christmas is not going to be the same. In this coronavirus pandemic, it is difficult to plan a perfect Christmas marketing campaign in 2020

But the struggle is the part of the story so never lose hope.  

In recent years many big brands and businesses launched extraordinary social media Christmas campaigns. That generated so much hype and gained popularity around the globe. 

Brands did everything and put every effort to make their social media Christmas campaign successful. All the brands have one aim behind creating a social media campaign during Christmas, they just want to – 

  • involve more people in holiday sprite,
  • increase more engagement,
  • cheer up the target audience successfully,
  • generate more brand trust among people,
  • turn their customers into brand advocates,
  • keep sales high during the holidays.

We are pretty sure that you are also one of them. But in this cut-throat competition, it is quite difficult for everybody to create a mind-blowing campaign strategy. If you are one of them then you can take inspiration from some big brands for making your coming social media holiday campaign successful. 

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Here we have brainstormed for you 10 examples of successful social media Christmas campaigns so far. 

So, let’s start

The best social media Christmas campaigns so far

  1. UPS – #WishesDelivered
  2. Coca Cola – Make Someone Happy
  3. Marks and Spencer – #FollowTheFairies
  4. Mulberry – #MulberryLights moments
  5. Edeka: Weihnachtsclip – #heimkommen
  6. Kate Spade – #MissAdventure
  7. Burberry – Close Your Eyes and Think of Christmas
  8. Ted Baker – #TedsElfie
  9. Air Canada – #ACGiftofHome
  10. John Lewis #ManOnTheMoon

1. UPS #WishesDelivered

Hashtag Campaign for Christmas – #WishesDelivered

UPS, United Parcel Service is an American multinational package delivery and supply chain management company. This brand is delivering packages worldwide for a long time.

To deliver happiness, USP came with a unique campaign #Wishesdelivered during a festive season. The campaign theme was to fulfill the dreams of customers.

In this campaign, the customers needed to post their holiday wish on social media with #Wishesdelivered, and UPS took the responsibility to fulfill them. Many nonprofit organizations and NGOs also tried their best to contribute to the campaign. Apart from it, special wishes shared by customers with #Wishesdelivered raised money for several nonprofits such as the Boys & Girls Club of America, The Salvation Army, and Toys for Tots.

UPS has summed up its life in just one word that is service.

2. Coca Cola – Make Someone Happy

Social Media Christmas Campaign – “Make Someone Happy”

Coca-cola has always been known to be attractive to customers. Their initiatives to spread joy have never ended. Coca-Cola once had presented a campaign with Santa Claus and encouraged people to look further than the gifts. Coca-Cola showed the True Spirit of the Holidays through this campaign, Invited Fans to ‘Make Someone Happy‘.

This social media Christmas campaign inspired the people to do something noble for the needy and give them joy. Their 60 seconds of ads on TV too have been known to leave everlasting impacts like spreading joy through small gestures.

In this video, Santa Clause is enjoying his Coca-cola and watching people doing small things for each other to spread happiness.

3. Marks and Spencer #FollowTheFairies

Hashtag Campaign for Christmas – #FollowTheFairies

Marks & Spencer Group is a British multinational retail company. They specialize in selling high-quality clothing, home products, and food products.

In 2014, Mark & Spencer also came up with a very successful Christmas campaign, where two fairies (called Magic and Sparkle) were shown to add love and joy magically to people’s lives over the festive season. These two fairies were anonymously distributing joy and fulfilling the small wishes of people. This campaign was completely based on a fairytale theme.

These two fairies gave unexpected happiness to people through social media and encouraged more followers to request wishes with the #FollowTheFairies hashtag. Then the brand picked a few lucky followers and filled their wishes.

This campaign received thousands of wishes and gained more than 37K followers in a short period of time.

M&S also included one fun game where one got to find 13 fairies and win a gift of kindness!

4. Mulberry – #MulberryLights moments

Hashtag Campaign for Christmas – #MulberryLights

To increase social media engagement and the number of visitors at stores, Mulberry launched the hashtag campaign #MulberryLights. During the holiday season, Mulberry decorated all outlet store windows with beautiful lights and stickers.

The campaign concept was quite clear, customers needed to share their #MulberryLights moment on social media using those decorated spots and had a chance to win exciting prizes.

#MulberryLights Vending Machine
#MulberryLights Vending Machine

The best part about the campaign was the fitted prizes in the smart vending machine and inviting people to play games to win rewards. Actually, that was an initiative to improve social interaction and get access to prizes around.

The experience was produced by TheCurrent. They invite users to interact in the bespoke gaming experience through its digital portal, before giving them rewards for taking part.

5. Edeka: Weihnachtsclip – #heimkommen

“Weihnachtsclip” – #Heimkommen was a German holiday TV advertisement for the supermarket corporation EDEKA that went viral in November and December 2015. In English translation, it means “Christmas Clip” – #Homecoming.

In this ad video, an old man is looking very sad because his kids cancel their plan to come home on Christmas at the last moment. Then in the next scene, the ad shows all the grown-up kids, they receive a letter written that “their father has passed away”. All grown children reach home and get surprised to see their father alive and healthy. Then their father says, “How else could I have brought you all together?”

Their video clip gained worldwide recognition as it is so emotionally appealing. Their video campaign got 33 million views on YouTube in just over a week.

The video is a 1:45 minute short clip, which is consistent with research findings to trigger feelings: trigger humor, fear, fright, or disgust, comes in much less time to produce than grief that requires a longer narrative.

6. Kate Spade #MissAdventure

Hashtag Campaign for Christmas – #MissAdventure

Kate Spade New York is an American luxury fashion company founded by Kate and Andy Spade.

Kate spade launched a luxurious Christmas social media campaign #MissAdventure with Shoppable Videos. In this campaign, they created a video with Anna Kendrick, Zosia Mamet Ali Wong, and Miss Piggy.

This campaign was extraordinary in its own way as users could buy unique, luxurious, and outstanding products with just a click on the video in which they were featuring their products. Kate Spade didn’t stop with one video; they created an entire series of advertisements like a TV show.

They have set the perfect social media campaign example. This surely brought in a revolution to social media marketing.

7. Burberry – Close Your Eyes and Think of Christmas

Social Media Christmas Campaign – “Close Your Eyes and Think of Christmas”

This campaign was not a hashtag campaign like others. Burberry actually released a film titled “Close Your Eyes and Think of Christmas” that comes as a full circle from a magical Narnia like landscape steamed-up cafe, a carriage of commuters, a dinner party, and a moment of mother-daughter bonding at home. The scenes lacked no sense of wonder. Frame-within-a-frame, it was quite an amazing inception.

This short film was directed by Juno Calypso, he is a British artist and photographer. This campaign drew many social media posts from its cast and supermodel Naomi Campbell. This was the main highlight of this campaign.

The video brings highs and lows of holidays, ranging from unlikely weather, delays in public transit to the moments before the feast, and amazing time with family. Each scene is captured with sharp precision, with Tisci’s designs bringing that British polish to the table.

8. Ted Baker’s #TedsElfie

Hashtag Campaign for Christmas – #TedsElfie

Ted Baker, a British luxury clothing Retail Company was looking for a solution, where they can interact with their existing and new audiences in an exciting and engaging way.

In 2014, they launched a Christmas-themed marketing campaign on Instagram to engage consumers over the festive season. They came up with a unique and interactive Christmas social media campaign #TedsElfie.

In this holiday campaign, Santa’s elves have gone missing on the night of festivities. These elves were seen last time with Santa when he took a #Elfie with them and this “Elfie” was the only evidence.

#TedsElfie campaign asked fans to help and find out all the missing elves by visiting @TedsElfie on Instagram and participating in a ‘choose your own adventure style game. They also created 32 Instagram accounts which helped fans to get excited in looking for hidden elves and win prizes.

#TedsElfie Social Media Christmas Campaign

This campaign was created by Poke and the duration was three weeks. It was a great chance for fans to win a trip to the northern lights if they can discover all the missing elves.

#TedsElfie was a great success for Ted baker; they received 14.5k entries and around 37k interactions during this campaign.

9. Air Canada’s #ACGiftofHome

Hashtag Campaign for Christmas – #ACGiftofHome

Air Canada is the largest airline in Canada. On the 75th anniversary of AC, they celebrated it in a remarkable way. They launched the social media campaign #ACGiftOfHome where they gifted round trips to Canadians so they can visit their home in Canada for the holiday season.

On November 27, a special Canada night was held at the Maple Leaf London Pub for the Canadians living in the UK who couldn’t go home.

In this official video campaign, two Air Canada pilots entered a pub and surprised everyone by giving round-trip tickets to visit their homes. It was really an emotional moment for everyone present there.  With AC’s very unique campaign, many people were able to go home during the holiday season.

This stunt was put forward by Air Canada’s creative agency JWT with abundant PR and social media postings. The campaign was capable to fill the eyes with tears of many and also pulling heartstrings.

People shared their stories with #ACGiftOfHome on social media platforms and thanks to Air Canada for making their Christmas special.

10. John Lewis #ManOnTheMoon

Hashtag Campaign for Christmas – #ManOnTheMoon

Another example of a successful social media Christmas campaign is John Lewis who intends to tell a story of a man on the moon and a girl who spots him by a telescope. The campaign helped and motivated people to send special gifts to their loved ones.

It was a partnership campaign with ‘Age UK’. The main focus was to make people aware of the issue of loneliness among elderly people. No doubt why it was known to be Britain’s one of the most anticipated campaigns. The brand supported the initiative and also donated profits from the sale of select Christmas merchandise to the cause.

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Here we have shared all the best social media Christmas campaigns. So, what are you waiting for? Try Onstipe to create a hashtag wall and give a jumpstart to your holiday hashtag campaigns.

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