Create the first social wall with a free trial account?

Quick start guide for existing and new users. Follow the below steps to create a free social wall within 5 minutes.

Follow the step by step guide:

1. Login or Sign up to Onstipe.

Create free social wall - Login or Signup

2. Create a Stipe and give a Name to your stipe.

Create free social wall 1- Create stipe

3. Choose one between Website or Display as per your use and click Create Button.

Create free social wall 2- Choose embed and display

4. Choose a Source from Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and so on.

Create free social wall 3- Choose a source

5. For example we choose Twitter here.

Create free social wall 4- Choose Twitter

6. Enter your hashtag or handle.

Create free social wall 5- Twitter Hashtag and handle

7. Optional: If you want to Exclude Retweets and Enable Moderation then Tick the box for these options.

Create free social wall 6- Exclude retweet or moderation

8. Now click Create Button.

Create free social wall 7- create feed

9. Authorize your Twitter account with Onstipe to get posts from Twitter.

Create free social wall 8- authorize Twitter

10. Done! You have successfully created a social wall.

11. Check our Display options to Embed social wall on the website or display on screens.

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