How to Display Social Media Wall on TV Screens

Follow this step by step guide to display social media feeds on TV screens.

First, log in to Onstipe or (create an account if you are a new user).

1. Enter a “Stipe Name” to create a Social wall.

2. Choose Display Screen and click Create Button.

3. Go to “Sources” and choose a Social Network.

  • Add Twitter Feed (posts from the hashtag, or handle)
  • Add Instagram Feed (posts from the hashtag, handle, or Tagged)
  • Add Facebook Feed (posts from a page, or handle)
  • Add YouTube Feed (videos from channel Url, or playlist)
  • Add Vimeo Feed (posts from the hashtag, or handle)
  • Add Flickr Feed (posts from the hashtag, or handle)
  • Add Tumblr Feed (posts from the hashtag, or handle)
  • Add RSS Feed (posts from an RSS URL)
  • Add LinkedIn Feed (posts from company page)

4. After choosing a social network, allow and authorize Onstipe to connect your social account. (*Note: Onstipe will never post anything on your social profiles without your permission.)

Additionally – 

“If you want to change theme layout or modify the design of your social media feed, you may use Onstipe’s Layout Design section. You can also moderate your social media feeds and remove unwanted posts in real-time with our powerful Moderation feature anytime.”

5. Now click on the Display on Screen Tab under the “Display Options” Tab.

6. Click on the Copy URL to copy the social wall URL.

*Save this URL, we will use this social wall URL with the below-mentioned steps.

You can display social media feeds on TV screens through two best ways.
1. Using Wireless Devices
2. Using Wired Technologies

#1. Display Social Media Feeds on TV Screen Using Wireless Devices

A). Amazon Fire TV Stick

1. Launch Amazon Fire TV Stick

2. Go to ‘Apps’ at the top of your home screen

3. Search Amazon Silk Browser or Mozilla Firefox

4. Download and Install a browser

5. Open the browser and enter the Social Wall URL

6. Done. Enjoy your social wall on TV Screen.

B). Google Chromecast

1. Connect your Chromecast and your laptop on the same Wi-Fi network

2. Download the Google Home app on your mobile device, tablet, or laptop

3. Open the Google Home app by clicking on the app icon on your mobile device, tablet, or laptop

4. Click Get Started or find the device card >> Set up

5. Choose which Google Account that you want to link to Chromecast. Tab OK

6. Select Devices in Google Home app and Set Up all things

7. On your laptop, open Chrome and run Social Wall URL

8. At the top right, click more >> Cast

9. Choose your Chromecast device where you want to see the social wall

10. Done.

Additionally, you can download Google Chrome from Apps on TV and run your Social Wall URL on that browser.

C). Smart TVs

1. Connect your Smart TV to the Internet

2. Open App Store and search a suitable browser

3. Download and install browser application such as Chrome or Mozilla on Smart TV

4. Open Browser, enter your Social Wall URL in the web URL box

5. Done.

An alternative option for Smart TV, you can mirror your computer or laptop screen on your Smart TV screen.

1. Connect your smart TV and laptop on the same network

2. Press Home button under Apps, select Screen Mirroring on Smart TV

3. Follow the on-screen directions and complete the setup

4. Now turn on Computer’ Wi-Fi setting

5. Click on the Start button then select Settings

6. In Settings, click Devices

7. In Devices, select the connected device and click on Add devices

8. Select the Model number of your Smart TV

9. Now you can cast your computer screen on TV and display your social wall

10. Done.

D). Apple TV

1. Plug your Apple TV into power

2. Connect it to your TV with an HDMI cable

3. Select the HDMI input that your Apple TV is connected to

4. Choose your language and country, and turn on Siri

5. When the setup is completed, you’ll see the Home screen

6. Click the App Store app on your Home screen

7. Browse or search for the browser that you want to download, then click the app

8. Click Get and download the app. You might need to sign in with your Apple ID

9. After Installing the browser, open it and run your Social Wall URL

10. Done.

Additionally, you can mirror your Mac screen on your TV screen.

1. Click on the AirPlay icon from the menu bar at the top of the screen on your Mac

2. Choose your Apple TV from the options

3. Enter an AirPlay code for the Apple TV (You will find this code on the TV screen attached to the Apple TV)

4. Done. Now drag your Safari (or other browsers) window over to the Apple TV screen

5. Now Enter your Social Wall URL and display your social media feeds on TV Screen.

#2. Display Social Media Feeds on TV Screen Using Wired Technology

A). HDMI Cable

1. Connect one end of the HDMI cable to the computer and another one to your TV

2. Use the TV remote to select the HDMI source on the TV

3. Click the Start menu on your Computer

4. Click the Settings icon.

5. Now click on systems.

6. Then click on Display.

7. Scroll down and click Detect.

8. After making a connection, drag your Computer window on your TV screen

9. Now run your social wall on the browser, it will display on the TV screen as well.

10. Done.

B). VGA Cable

1. Connect one end of the VGA cable to the PC compatible port and another one to your TV

2. Click Start on your PC. Then select Control Panel

3. Click Display. Then click on Adjust Resolution

4. Select TV option from drop down window

5. Done. Connection setup successfully

6. Now open your browser on Computer and run your social wall URL.

7. Done.

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