How to Embed Hashtag Feed on Website

Follow this step by step guide to embed hashtag feed on website.

First, log in to Onstipe or (create an account if you are a new user).

1. Enter a “Stipe Name” to create a Hashtag wall.

2. Choose Website Embed and click Create Button.

3. Go to “Sources” and choose a Social Network.

  • Add Twitter Feed (get posts from the hashtag)
  • Add Instagram Feed (get posts from the hashtag)
  • Add Vimeo Feed (get posts from the hashtag)
  • Add Flickr Feed (get posts from the hashtag)
  • Add Tumblr Feed (get posts from the hashtag)

4. After choosing a social network, allow and authorize Onstipe to connect your social account(*Note: Onstipe will never post anything on your social profiles without your permission.)

Additionally –

“If you want to change theme layout or modify the design of your social media hashtag feed, you may use Onstipe’s Layout Design section. You can also moderate your social media hashtag feeds and remove unwanted posts in real-time with our powerful Moderation feature anytime.”

5. Now click on the Embed on Website Tab under the “Display Options” Tab.

6. Set Width and Height for your social media hashtag feed according to you.

7. Click on Copy Code to copy the generated embed code. You can see a preview of your social hashtag feed anytime by clicking on the Display Stipe button.

8. Simply, paste the generated embedded code on any page of your Website. Place this code into the <body> </body> section of your web page.

Now enjoy your live hashtag feed on the website.

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