How to Embed Facebook Feed on Your Website [Ultimate Guide]

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Maybe, Facebook is not the first choice for Millennials now. Definitely, Instagram and Twitter have overtaken Facebook because both the platforms are more charming, interactive, and engaging.

But the only constant thing is, with over 2.7 billion monthly active users, Facebook is still the popular social platform when it comes to increasing brand followers.

You can get maximum benefits from it by embedding Facebook feed on the website. There is no rocket science behind embedding Facebook feeds on websites. But the question is how you can do it with ease. For this, all you need to do one thing, search for the best social media aggregator tool to collect, curate, and embed Facebook feeds on the website.

Through this blog, we will share crucial knowledge about embedding Facebook feeds on the website such as immense benefits, a step-by-step guide, and the best social media aggregator ( also known as Facebook feed aggregator) tool.

So without any wait let’s start.

#15 Reasons You Should Embed Facebook Feed on Your Website

Integration of Facebook feed on websites gives plenty of benefits. It is so convincing to users that influence them to use and buy your service or product at any cost. 

Live Facebook feed on the website that is curated by social media aggregators allow you to add real-time social media feed in an amazing and impressive way.

From bridging the gap between offline and online audiences to creating a social hub on a website, embedded Facebook feed is all about. Embedded Facebook feed on the website helps you to keep your website refreshed. 

Here are 15 key benefits of adding Facebook feeds on the website – 

  1. Connect your website visitors with your social media profile.
  2. Showcase authentic and real user-generated content.
  3. Improve website UI by adding social media feed on the website.
  4. Turn your leads to sales, boost conversions.
  5. Build more trust among users and improve brand reputation.
  6. Extend the reach of your social content & Increase followers.
  7. Generate more conversations and discussions.
  8. Hold visitors for a long time on the website and improve dwell time.
  9. Boost your SEO efforts and ranking on google by adding Facebook feeds on the website.
  10. Encourage website visitors to be your brand advocate.
  11. Increases product visibility and reach.
  12. Make the website more stylish and more visually appealing.
  13. Display real reviews of real users – Social Proofs.
  14. Increase audience engagement.
  15. Add call-to-action buttons on feeds to make them shoppable.

Start with Onstipe – The Best Social Media Aggregator Tool

Onstipe is the best social media aggregator tool that helps you to collect, curate, and embed social media feeds on the website. It helps you to collect content from multiple social media channels through hashtags, handles, URLs, or keywords. 

Onstipe offers easy to customize social wall solutions and light-weighted social media feeds absolutely free, and at an affordable price for your website. 

Onstipe comes with many awesome key features that surely help you to enhance the performance of your live Facebook feeds.

Here are some remarkable features of Onstipe –

#1. Supports multiple social networks – You can add multiple social networks and combine them in one place. You can even create individual social walls for Instagram feeds, Facebook feeds, Twitter feeds, YouTube feeds and RSS feeds.

#2. Real-time updates – Real-time content updates keep your Facebook feeds fresh and updated every time.

#3. Responsive social media feeds – A responsive social wall helps you easily display your Facebook feeds on any size of the screen. Responsive Facebook feeds work perfectly on responsive websites.

#4. Theme layouts – Beautiful things always attract visitors so Onstipe gives you various stunning theme options to cherish your Facebook feeds.

#5. Powerful Moderation – Powerful moderation helps you to stay ahead of spammers, you can set auto or manual moderation to discard unnecessary posts.

#6. Customize options – No matter what design you want. You can even change it according to you through the Custom CSS option. Write your own Custom CSS and change the complete design of Facebook feeds.

#7. CTA button – Add a Call-to-Action button on your Facebook feed and an additional source. Add any external source like links, download, learn more, buy or visit, etc. on your embedded Facebook posts.

#8. Social Media Aggregator API – If you want aggregated Facebook content through the APIs then don’t worry, robust social media aggregator API (or Facebook aggregator APIs)gives you Facebook feeds in JSON and XML format. Polish them according to your need. 

#9. Embed anywhere – Not only on HTML websites, but you can also embed Facebook feeds anywhere on any website building platform or CMS. Onstipe’s social wall easily supports all website builders such as WordPress, Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, Jimdo, Shopify, and many more.

#10. Affordable plans – Easy plans and affordable prices make anyone capable of creating a stunning Facebook social wall for their brands or individual use. Plans start from $0.

#11. Analytics – Monitor how your Facebook feeds are performing and analyze the performance of your feed through the insightful graph.

Create Your Facebook Feed Now!

Collect, customize and embed Facebook feed on your website.

How to Embed Facebook Feed on Website [With 6 Easy Steps]

  1. Create a free account on Onstipe
  2. Select Facebook and click Next
  3. Add a Facebook Page or Profile
  4. Connect your Facebook account 
  5. Generate your Facebook feed embed code
  6. Copy and paste the Facebook feed embed code into the HTML website or CMS.

As simple as it looks, right.

If you are still unclear about adding Facebook feed on the website then follow this step-by-step guide below.

Step-By-Step Guide to Embed Facebook Feed On Website

Follow the below steps to add Facebook feed and profile on the website-

1. Create a free account with Onstipe (start with a 14-day free trial). If you are an existing user then log in to your Onstipe account.


2. Create a Stipe. Enter a suitable Name for your Stipe (Social Wall).

Enter a Stipe Name to create a social wall - Embed social media feed

3. Select Stipe for Website Embed and click Create button.

Choose Website Embed and click Create Button - Embed social media feed

4. After clicking on the Create button, you can see multiple social channels. Select Facebook Icon as a source.


5. Select your preferred connection type >> Page or Profile

  • Page – To embed Facebook page feed on the website. Choose this to fetch your Facebook page posts.
  • Profile or Handle – To embed Facebook profile on the website. Choose this to collect your Facebook profile posts using your username or handle.

7. After choosing your connection type, tick check, or untick the Enable Moderation option according to you.


~If you Tick check this option, then your Facebook feed will go under the private section. From where you can make them public manually. If you want to make all the feeds public then leave this option Untick.

Now click on the Create button.

8. Connect your account to a Facebook Profile to authorize your feed.

For feed authorization, you need to sign in with your Facebook account.


9. Click on Continue with Facebook.

After feed authorization, your Facebook feed will come in the Moderation section.

10. (Optional) If you wish to filter and design your feeds then you can do it from the Moderation section and Layout design section. If you are okay with your feeds then skip this step.

11. Now click on the Display Options tab. And click Embed on Website.

Now click the Display Options Tab - Embed social media feed

12. Set Width and Height for your Facebook feed according to you.

13. Click on Copy Code to copy the generated embed code. You can see a preview of your Facebook feed anytime by clicking on the Display Stipe button.

Copy the Generated code - - Embed social media feed

14. Simply, paste the generated embedded code on any page of your Website. Place this code into the <body> </body> section of your web page.

Now enjoy your live Facebook feed on the website.

Looking to Embed Facebook Hashtag Feed on Website?

Strange, there is no option on Onstipe for embedding Facebook hashtag feed on a website? 

Because we don’t have it.

Actually, the reason is quite simple, Facebook has stopped supporting API for hashtags since April 2015. Facebook has deprecated this API due to some user privacy issues. Facebook wants to make its platform more secure and suitable for users. So for giving more control to people over their information used by third-party apps, Facebook has deprecated hashtag APIs.

A Facebook spokesperson said, “We made this change because we heard from people that they want more control over the information shared with apps. The Post Search API allows apps to access public posts of people who may not have logged into the app, so we’re deprecating this API to give people more control over how their information is used by apps.” 


So what are you waiting for? Maximize your brand visibility by adding Facebook feeds to the website. Give a long-lasting experience to website visitors by using a live social wall and earn more trust. Try Onstipe’s free forever plan, sign up now.

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