7 Best Tools to Embed Live Twitter Feed on Website

Best Tools to Embed Live Twitter Feed on Website

Twitter is a place where you find everything – entertainment, education, updates, news, relationship, fun, and many more. 

For large to small businesses, Twitter is just like a miracle for building a strong brand reputation and growing their businesses. Twitter is the best platform to connect with potential leads, promote content, share information or news about your brand, and build a stronger relationship between customers and brand.

If you’re an active online business owner, you must have come across the idea of embedding Twitter feed on your business website in order to present social evidence of your credibility to your website visitors.

How does it feel? When you find the right Twitter tool for embedding Twitter feed on your website. 

Feels great, Right! Of course, it seems one step closer to leveraging the power of User-generated content with the best Twitter tool.

There are a plethora of Twitter aggregator tools in the market that can allow you to display live Twitter feed on your website. This article will guide you through the best tools to embed live Twitter feed on websites.

Best Tools to Embed Live Twitter Feed on Website

Here is a list of the most used social media tools for embedding live Twitter feed on website that the world’s top brands are using.

Come let’s have a look.

#1. Onstipe

#2. Twitter Widget

#3. Tintup

#4. Elfsight

#5. Everwall

#6. Hootfeed

#7. Tweetwally


Live-Twitter Wall for Website - Embed live Twitter Feed on website - onstipe

Onstipe is one of the most used and popular social media aggregator tools that give you the efficacy to create a beautiful Twitter Wall and embed live Twitter feed on your websites.

It helps you to develop a long-lasting impact on the minds of your website visitors as the social proof helps you to build the required trust. Also, Onstipe is compatible with all application scenarios- be it an event or a website embed, digital signs, etc. 

Onstipe provides light weighted and highly responsive themes so Twitter feeds can load faster and in a proper way on your website. The best thing about Onstipe, it never slows your website speed. It has many varieties of themes for both web embeds and event displays.

It comes with awesome features such as Custom CSS, auto-moderation, manual moderation, profanity filter, custom post, CTA buttons, and many more. 

Embed Live Twitter Feed on Websites

Try Onstipe to increase user engagement on website.

Onstipe comes with really flexible and amazing pricing plans which suit everyone’s needs. There is a range of pricing plans that are available for various types of requirements, be it starter, economy, business, events, and free forever. You can choose to continue with monthly or one-time plans, as per your complete discretion.

It has a 14-day free trial and is divided into four upgrade plans with two event plans. Free forever ($0/month), Starter ($15/month), Economy ($39/month), Business ($69/month), Mini event ($49/day) and Pro event ($99/day).

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Twitter Embed Timeline Widget

Twitter itself provides its users to embed their and other public Twitter timelines and specific Twitter posts on websites using Twitter Widgets. As they come as a service directly from Twitter, they are one of the most trusted ways to embed Twitter feeds on your website. 

Various types of widget options help you embed 

  • Twitter favorites
  • Searches
  • Tweet from public lists
  • User timelines.

Twitter widgets help you present your embedded Twitter feeds in a linear and compact format to your website visitors. All you need to do is embed a simple code linking your Twitter feed or Twitter timeline to your webpage. There are various types of designs and layout options available in which you can embed your Twitter feeds as per your wishes.

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TINT User-Generated Content Platform

Tintup is an amazing UGC platform that helps you leverage every post that your users create for you on social media and delivers you deeper audience insights to help you improve your marketing campaign overall. It helps you increase your sales front by increasing your conversion rates. It gives you the functionality to mix up your branded content with fresh user-generated content.

Tint gives you many pre-built pricing plans which you can mix and match to create your own customized package. Each plan brings along many amazing features that cater to all your requirements. These plans are available for websites ($500/month), events ($300/day), digital signage (500/month), e-commerce ($1500/month), and many others.


Custom Twitter Widget - Embed Twitter feed on your website - elfsight

Elfsight is another Twitter embedding tool that lets you embed and display Twitter feeds on your website in a really customizable and responsive way. It gives responsive twitter feed widgets for embedding twitter live feeds on website. It helps you to grow engagement on your website, get more new followers and retweets on your Twitter profile, and gain user trust by displaying user-generated testimonials.

Its pricing plans come with a money-back guarantee and are really simplified. It provides 4 options of pricing plans- Lite, Basic, Pro, and Enterprise. The Lite plan is free so that you can start initially and upgrade your plan as you grow.


The original social media wall, since 2008 — Everwall

Everwall is a social media wall purveyor that allows you to display real-time Twitter posts to your website visitors in a customizable way. It is a great driver of user-engagement on your website thereby increasing its overall performance and SEO traits. Its user-friendly interface allows you to easily embed real-time Twitter feeds on your website.

It comes with simplified and easy pricing plans and that too with a money-back guarantee. Its plans are broadly divided into two categories- Self Service and Full-Service. It gives you amazing customization options to design your Twitter Wall your own way.



Hootfeed by Hootsuite is a Twitter integration social media tool that lets you embed and display Twitter feeds on your website in a very customizable manner. It is highly responsive and comes with amazing moderation and customization features that give you full freedom to design your own website embed content. It also gives a basic analytical tool which allows users to track the growth of Tweet walls on a website. 

It comes with a variety of pricing plan options for individuals, professionals, teams, businesses, and enterprises. These are pocket-friendly plans that come with amazing features. In fact, the individual plan for their Twitter Wall is free of cost.



TweetWally is a Twitter tool that allows you to create a tweetwall to organize and display live Twitter feed on website using keywords, hashtags, or usernames.  Tweetwally helps you to customize your search results and provides you with an embed or display URL that allows you to embed your Twitter live feed on websites or display them on digital screens during events.

TweetWally is completely free and suits everyone’s set of requirements. The signing up process is really quick; simply signup with your Twitter account and collect all the tweets on a Tweet wall. Create a URL and embed that on your website.


These are some of the most trusted Twitter embedding tools that are there in the market. Choose the one that suits most to your needs. Give a lively experience to your business website with real-time Twitter interaction, user-generated content, and stories.

So, what are you still waiting for? Embed live Twitter feed on your website and start flaunting your social proof.

Embed Live Twitter Feed on Website to display your social proof and build more trust.
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