The Best 6 Ways To Use Social Wall for Events in 2021

The Best 6 Ways To Use Social Wall for Your Events in 2021

Looking to boost audience engagement for your next event? Then you are in the right place.

When it comes to making an event successful then everything should go the right way. From event promotion to audience engagement, it is more important to do all the things in your favor.

Audience engagement at event

Both event promotion and audience engagement play a crucial role to make any event successful. It’s always quite challenging for any event planner to promote an event and at the same time keep their audience awake and engaged throughout the event. 

But it’s 2021. Where in this modern-day world, event strategies have also developed. Now, you have so many options and technologies to create engaging and flawless experiences for attendees during events. A social wall is one of them.

The social wall helps you to take attendees’ experience to the next level during events. No matter the case, a social wall is enough to promote your event and increase audience engagement in any event.

Event planners are frequently using social walls to boost audience engagement and take their events to the next level. Why not, because social media walls are the innovative way to collect live social media feeds from multiple social channels and display them beautifully in one place. 

A social wall can be fitted at any occasion or used for any use-cases such as hashtag campaigns, events, brand promotion, and social media marketing. In many events, it has proven its worth in maximizing audience engagement and interface. It not only increases engagement but also helps to build trust among event attendees for brands.

Hence, it is very obvious that a live social media wall plays a key role to create all-important buzz and boost audience attendance at any event. So, what are you waiting for? Create your own social wall and be a game-changer for events. If you want to create a perfect live social media wall for your event then you need to choose the best social media aggregator tool

The social media aggregator tool basically helps you to collect and curate all social media feeds of various social networks. And give you the capability to display those feeds on any digital screen through the social media wall.

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6 Ways To Use Live Social Media Wall To Engage Event Attendees

There are numerous ways through which you can use a live social media wall for events to get maximum results and outputs. 

So, here are 6 ultimate ways that help you make the best use of social wall at your next event to make it a grand success and something to be talked about for a long time.

1. Collect And Display User-Generated Content

According to the survey on millennials, they believe that UGC is 35% more memorable than other media, and 50% more trusted.

Showcasing user generated content is an ideal way to generate hype and build trust among attendees. Run a hashtag campaign, create a unique and eye-catching hashtag that completely relates to your brand event. Showing hashtag posts on a social wall is the most innovative way to make any event interactive.

Encourage more audiences to use your event hashtag with posts or tweets. Create a social wall and display all user-generated content curated through hashtags on digital signage during the event. Whenever people and brand followers use your brand hashtag in their tweets or on Instagram in their photos, it will automatically display on the big screen through the social wall.

People will do it because through this they will get the opportunity to be in the flashlight for a few seconds and it will definitely give joy to them. And they feel their opinions and experiences are appreciated by the brand as and when their posts get displayed on the live Social Media Wall during the event.

Hence the need of attention is achieved by you as well as by the attendees of your event.

2. Showcase Your Branded Content On Social Wall

All brands and businesses want to distribute information regarding their products to maximum people and in the minimum given time. Displaying branded content through social media walls will help your brands to achieve that goal. With the help of this, your branded content will be entertained your entire guest at the event. Also, you can connect your audience with your brand by displaying product information.

Connect your Twitter profile feeds, Facebook page, Instagram to live social wall and keep updated your guests with your latest and official news, notification, announcements, and promotions. Like this, your post won’t go unnoticed and have higher chances to get maximum reach. You may use the social wall to make any announcements like prize winners, next speaker in line, Q&A poll, etc.

3. Give A Special Space To Your Sponsors

Sponsors are the lifeline for any event. If you give proper attention to your sponsors then it gives you more chances to attract more sponsors for your future events. Do it by using a live social media wall at the event and give a special space to your sponsors during the event. Showcase their social media posts of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and more on the big screen through a live social wall, also include their brand logos between social media feeds to make them happy.

This is one of the best ways to attract sponsors to your event and fulfill their expectations from your brand. This will allow your sponsors as well to be involved in your event and encourage them to share their positive views on social media using your event hashtag. Through this, you can achieve the desired awareness from their followers.

Entertain your attendees and impress the sponsors as well. This process ensures that you get the maximum thoughtfulness of people as social media walls contain charismatic, related to the topic of social content.

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4. Share Your Speakers’ Content

If you are planning an event that is especially focused on speakers, then that’s your highest priority to give them the best experience. Because the best experiences encourage your speakers to join and work with you again in the future.

We always have many talented speakers at our events. Listing them up in order and displaying that order on a social wall would be a great idea as attendees would never miss out the session of their favorite speaker.

Connect your speaker’s social media handles to your social wall and display your speaker’s brand or event-related content on Social media displays during the event.

Through this, the popularity of the speakers will also increase. Your speakers will thank you as more people will recognize them and will follow them on their social media accounts.

5. Show Industry Related News

If you are hosting a fashion event or tech event or any type of event, one of the best ways to mesmerize your attendees is to provide them industry-related content in an attractive way.

So that they get to know about all the trends in that particular field. You can provide the information by displaying it on the live social wall. Collect all the industry-related updates and information using hashtags or mix your own custom content between social feeds. 

People like to watch and read engaging content that’s happening around the world in real-time so make your social wall more interactive and informative by adding news into it. 

This will increase the enthusiasm and the interest of your attendees. Well, at least, it will give them a reason to avoid sticking their smartphones and be encouraged to interact with your event.

6. Display Or Run A Q&A Social Wall

We all love the game of questions and answers.

Using the live social media wall for displaying a social question-answer round would be an innovative way to draw the attention of all the inquisitive minds present at the event.

Forget the days when each and every single guest waited for their number to ask a question during the conference.

Run a social Q/A or Ask a question contest during the event/conference and request your audience to ask any question through Twitter using your handle or hashtag. Display the best questions on the big screen using social walls then reply to them. 

Moderate all the questions and showcase knowledgeable questions only, so the audience can learn more. This way can help you to trend your hashtag on Twitter and earn more user-generated content for your brand.

Best Social Media Wall for Events

Here are some of the most popular social wall platforms and their alternatives you should try. Have a look:

1. Onstipe

A powerful UGC platform and social media aggregator tool, it lets you aggregate social media feeds and create a social wall for events and your business website.

best social wall for Events - Onstipe Social Wall

Key Features:

Responsive themes, Design customization, Moderation, Custom CSS, CTA, Analytics, Header, Ticker, Profanity filter, Custom post, Sponsored post, Real-time updates


Micro Event ($29/day), Mini Event ($49/day), Pro Event ($99/day)

Social wall price - Onstipe

2. Tintup

Tint allows you to aggregate social media posts. You can display them on a big screen and also on your website.

Social wall for events - Tint

Key Features:

Customizable theme, Moderation, Collaborator, Analytics


Basic ($300/day), Premium ($500/day), VIP ($1000/day)

Social wall price - Tint

3. is an easy-to-use social media wall that allows you to collect, curate, and display content from multiple social media platforms.

Social wall for events - wallsio

Key Features:

Moderation, Call-to-action, Sponsored post, Custom design, Native posts, Custom CSS, Analytics


Small ($249/30 days), Medium ($749/30 days), Large ($1999/30 days)

Social wall price - Wallsio

4. Taggbox

It is powerful for marketing and increasing customer engagement. It allows you to pull together all your social media channels in a customized way.

Social wall for events - Taggbox

Key Features:

Collaborator, Custom banner, Manual moderation, Analytics, Custom themes


One-day ($99/day), 30 days ($599/30 days)

Social wall price - Taggbox

5. Tagboard

Best for generating buzz during an event. It helps you to tell your stories to the audience. 

Social wall for events - Tagboard-2

Key Features:

Real-time social content, Custom graphic templates, 


You need to request the team for pricing.

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Over to you…

Here, we have shared with you all the six and most innovative ways to turn an ordinary event into a successful one. These social wall ideas can boost any event and generate huge buzz. So, what are you waiting for? Use a live social media wall for your events and take your event to the next level.