How To Use Live Instagram Wall for Events

Live Instagram Wall for Events - Onstipe Social Wall

With a live Instagram wall at your event, you can encourage event attendees to share their experiences, thoughts, and event images on Instagram. The best thing about the Instagram wall is, you can magnify the engagement levels of your event.

Instagram wall for events

Through the Instagram wall displays, you can provide an interactive experience to attendees and can magnify the entire impact of the event. For a successful event, it is vital to engage the audience and remain hooked throughout the event. 

In this digital age, Instagram walls for events are one of the best tools that are visually appealing and help to increase audience engagement.

What is an Instagram Wall?


The Instagram wall helps you to aggregate content from an Instagram platform that can be put to display on digital signage or any big screen during events and any other occasion. The content on the Instagram wall can be continuously generated with the help of an Instagram aggregator that can function on specific criteria like hashtags, handles, tagged, or mentions of/from specific users.

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Why is the Instagram Wall so popular when it comes to boosting an Event?

With several social media platforms available at your disposal, choosing the right one for your next event could be very important. According to research studies, Instagram offers 25% higher brand engagement as compared to other social media networks.


An Instagram hashtag wall can help you display all the posts with your event’s hashtag that can be a great way to increase the participation of the audience at your next event. Displaying the posts on your live Instagram wall can also encourage other participants to share their thoughts about the event.

These posts will also be viewed by their followers, which will lead to an even higher level of engagement for your event. You can further make the event more interesting and happening by organizing a contest and displaying all the entries together on the wall.

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Benefits of Using an Instagram Wall for Events


1. Communicate Your Brand Story

Displaying Instagram conversations about your brand and its products or services can be done most aesthetically with the help of an Instagram feed wall. A continuous stream of fresh content, including user generated content, can help your brand drive sales with social proof. The audience is sure to engage and connect with your brand.

2. Improve Audience Engagement

An interactive Instagram wall that will continuously stream Instagram posts will also attract the attendees to share posts about their experiences. These posts will also be seen by their followers and extended network, which will lead to an even higher level of engagement for your event.

You can further make the event more interesting and happening by organizing a contest and displaying all the entries together on the wall. This will be a great tool not only to boost engagement levels but also to improve your brand awareness.

3. Build Brand Loyalty

The best way to build brand loyalty can be done by generating user or influencer content. This content can also be viewed by their network, which further helps to increase awareness about your brand. 

You can identify some of the most loyal customers and influencers to develop a relationship with them and further motivate them to become loyal patrons of your brand.

4. Increase Conversions and Sales

The user-generated content is the most authentic content for your brand that can help you turn your followers into customers, thereby leading to increased sales.

It is a common tendency for human beings to purchase a product or service that other people have liked and enjoyed. In the online world, reviews and recommendations do influence buyer decisions.

5. Capture Event from Every Angle

Yes, capture your event from every angle. 

Sometimes one photographer isn’t able to capture all the moments during an event. So, the Instagram wall allows you to collect event pictures and videos from all around the corner with the help of free photographers (your guests).  

Use these pictures for your upcoming event or on a business website as well.

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Mistakes that Should Avoid While Using an Instagram Wall

When it comes to using an Instagram wall for events then it is so crucial to avoid common mistakes. These mistakes can give you nightmares for a long time and can turn your best Instagram wall into the worst Instagram wall. In short, these mistakes can ruin your entire event. Here are a number of common mistakes that every event planner should avoid while using Instagram walls.

  • Lack of research on hashtags or the use of bad hashtags.
  • Don’t go live without turning on the moderation on feeds.
  • Don’t limit the promotion of the event hashtag. 
  • Always use pre and post-event analysis.
  • Wrong placement of Instagram wall screen, it should be visible from everywhere. 
  • Unfurnished customization of Instagram walls always generates a bad experience.

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How does an Instagram Wall Work during an Event?

1. Add Content

Add your Instagram account’s feed as the information source and collect the user-generated content with the help of a hashtag using a social media aggregator or Instagram aggregator tool.

2. Use Moderation

Once you set up your Instagram account or hashtag as the information source, you can take charge of all the content that is generated. With the options for moderation, you can control and remove any unnecessary content or block users who violate the posting guidelines.

3. Control Flow

You can also choose the order of mentions appearing on your Instagram wall for events, either the latest or most popular mentions.

4. Design Instagram Feed

The look and appearance of your Instagram wall can be customized with a suitable display theme. You can customize the Instagram wall for events by adding your logo, banner image, ticker, or updating card style, font style, etc.

5. Display on Big Screen

Set up the digital screen at the event and display Instagram hashtag feeds on it. Show audience posts on a big screen and encourage more guests to share their pictures of the event on Instagram with your event hashtag.

Forever Free Instagram Wall for Events

Use Onstipe to generate greater audience engagement.

Make a Content Plan to Communicating with Your Audience

There are two important factors that will contribute to the success of your next event, one is social media marketing and another is how you can build engagement with the help of event-related hashtags.

You must ensure that you make a content plan that is in a structured way of communicating with your audience. 

Your content plan could be divided into three stages.

1. Pre-event content

Generating awareness about your event is important which can be done by announcing key speakers and information and offers about ticket sales. 

Your pre-event content must be tactfully-worded and enticing, as that alone will help you fetch quite a lot of participation.

2. Event content

During your event, you can publish the content that was planned. This could include welcoming the speakers and attendees, detailing the agenda, and other key highlights about the event. 

Remember to always have a plan B in terms of additional content, in case some things don’t go according to the plan.

3. Post-event content

You can summarize the happenings of the event by highlighting key moments, taking feedback from participants, spreading information about your services and future events.

These are your final moments of engaging with the audience, so make sure you leave a lasting impression in their minds which can motivate them to revisit your brand and its products and services.

With user-generated content holding much importance, you can get your content created with the help of the speakers and your potential attendees to increase the reach and engagement of your event on Instagram and other social media platforms. It is vital to note that the algorithms of many social media platforms give more weight to individual accounts over business accounts. 

Once the event is over, you can use the Instagram wall to analyze and find out the most popular content and most influential participants that can help you find influencers with whom you can connect in the future. 

Show some appreciation to the most popular content by reacting and adding comments to their posts.

Create The Best Instagram Wall for Events Using Onstipe

Onstipe is a social media aggregator tool that helps create stunning and interactive Instagram walls using User-generated content that enhances audience engagement and experience during live events. 

Onstipe comes with amazing features and functionalities that enable event organizers to collect Instagram live feeds from Instagram and display them on a digital screen in a beautiful way.

Onstipe turns up the feel and looks of Instagram feeds by giving complete authority to users to customize the entire design.  

Here are some advanced features of Onstipe that will surely help you keep yourself ahead of your competitors.

#1. Supports multiple social networks Apart from Instagram, you can fetch content from multiple social networks and combine them in one place. You can even create individual social walls for Facebook feeds, Twitter feeds, YouTube feeds and RSS feeds.

#2. Real-time updates Instant and real-time content updates of Instagram feed that automatically happen during events on Instagram wall. It keeps your Instagram feeds fresh and updated every time.

#3. Responsive Instagram feeds A responsive Instagram wall will help you easily display your social media feeds on any size of the screen. Responsive Instagram feeds work perfectly on responsive websites.

#4. Theme layouts Beautiful things always attract visitors so Onstipe gives you amazing themes to cherish your Instagram feeds.

#5. Powerful Moderation Powerful moderation helps you to stay ahead of spammers, you can set auto or manual moderation to discard unnecessary posts. Filter out the content that you don’t want to show on your Instagram wall.

#6. Customize options No matter what design you want. You can change it according to you through the Custom CSS option. Write your own Custom CSS and change the complete design of Instagram feeds.

#7. CTA button Connect your Instagram posts with an additional source by using CTA buttons on them. Add any external source through buttons such as links, download, learn more, buy or visit on your Instagram posts.

#8. Instagram Aggregator API If you need Instagram content through APIs then don’t worry, robust Instagram aggregator API gives you Instagram feeds in JSON and XML format. Polish them according to your need. 

#9. Display anywhere Not only on event screens, but you can also embed Instagram feeds on the website. Onstipe’s Instagram wall easily supports all website building platforms and digital signages.

#10. Affordable plans Easy plans and affordable prices allow anyone to create a stunning Instagram wall for their brands or individual use. Plans start from $0.

Final words,

So what are you waiting for? Make your next event engaging and give a wonderful experience to your audience by using a live Instagram wall for events that will improve awareness about your brand, help build loyalty, lead to conversions and ultimately sales.

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